The palatial room can be found at a hotel that accommodates the Japanese Emperor on his travels.

From converted prisons to capsule hotels, Japan has plenty of accommodation options on offer for travellers on a budget. When it comes to more extravagant stays, there are plenty of places to choose from as well, and one of the most luxurious rooms in the country can be found at Sendai, the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture.

Chris Broad, the presenter of popular YouTube channel Abroad in Japan, recently took a trip to Sendai with his friend Ryotaro to take a peek at the expensive hotel accommodation, which can be found at the Sendai Royal Park Hotel. Priced at US$3,000 a night, the expansive Royal Suite is the same as the one the Japanese Emperor stays in during his visits, and it has all the fancy trimmings you’d expect from a room fit for an emperor.

Take a look at the luxury accommodation in the first five minutes of the video below:

One of the things you come to expect when travelling around Japan is the small size of the hotel rooms on offer. That’s certainly not the case here, with a number of large rooms, including a grand entrance area…

▼ A conference/dining room, complete with chandelier…

▼ A lounge room with comfortable sofa seating…

▼ And an enormous bed.

▼ The suite also features a grand bathroom with a spa bath, private sauna, and automatic window blinds.

As the most expensive room in the hotel, it’s a rare treat to be able to see inside the suite for a glimpse of the type of accommodation the Emperor and his wife get to stay in while on holiday. As for us, we’ll be sticking to the humble likes of new internet cafe hotels for our overnight stays, or if we’re feeling flash, Mr Sato’s highly recommended bookstore hostel.

Images: YouTube/Abroad in Japan