You don’t have to be a train otaku to enjoy all the unusual perks included in this accommodation plan.

Looking for places to stay in Tokyo can be an overwhelming experience, with so many hotels offering an abundance of special plans and deals at various price points, all with pros and cons that need to be weighed up against each other.

That’s why our reporter Masanuki Sunakoma has been searching online every day for new deals and places to recommend to our readers, and his latest find is a hidden gem that’s like a dream come true for train lovers.

Called the Tokyo Metro Train Room Hotel Plan, this special room can be found at Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku, which is located about a two-minute walk from Ochanomizu Station’s Hijiribashi Exit.

This hotel is run by Juraku, a restaurant and hotel operator founded in 1924, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

With only one train-themed room inside the hotel, Masanuki was concerned that it might be booked out, but after contacting the hotel, they told him it was available, and as a member of the press they would allow him to stay on the house. He wasted no time in packing an overnight bag and heading out to the hotel, and when he arrived, he was pleased to see they had a good variety of amenities available.

After receiving a rundown of the room and the hotel’s facilities at reception, Masanuki took the lift up to the train room.

The hallway had a retro atmosphere typical of a long-established hotel, and his room was located in a corner of the building, on the ninth floor.

If you’ve travelled on trains in Tokyo before, you’ll know that the sign above is the official Tokyo Metro logo. Seeing it in a hotel corridor makes for a bizarre sight, but what awaits guests inside is even more gobsmacking.

Opening the door reveals a train-themed interior that’ll make any train lover’s heart skip a beat.

▼ As soon as you step inside, you’re greeted by a series of Tokyo Metro route maps

▼ …and wheel chocks, all of which are genuine items that have been used on the railways.

There’s also a rail with authentic hand straps, which staff told him can get dirty when you actually hold them.

In one corner of the room you’ll find license plates, an in-car public address system, and even picture books, DVDs, and card games.

When Masanuki asked staff about the choice of memorabilia, they told him a lot of guests stay here with their children, so there’s lots to get them in on the fun of rail travel.

Masanuki’s attention was drawn to the DVD, so he popped it in the player to find out what it was all about.

It turned out to be a recording of the Marunouchi Line, from Ikebukuro to Honancho stations.

What makes the Marunouchi Line so special is the fact that it makes the transition from underground to above ground, giving you varied views along the route.

The line runs above ground right in front of the hotel, and even crosses the Kanda River. The above-ground section is about 100 metres (0.06 miles) long, passing under the JR Chuo Line and Sobu Line before going underground and heading towards Otemachi.

▼ And yes, you can catch glimpses of the train from the guest room.

Another perk of the room is the souvenirs, which are exclusive to this plan and free to take home. When Masanuki stayed, the souvenirs he received were a children’s backpack designed to resemble a Marunouchi Line train…

▼…and a commemorative route map sticker.

Like many hotels, dinner isn’t included with the stay, but a handmade walking map from the local information centre was in the room to offer ideas for places to visit and eat at nearby.

▼ Famous sites in the area include Kanda Shrine and Holy Resurrection Cathedral.

After flicking through the informative booklet, Masanuki was swayed by El Chateo del Puente, a Spanish restaurant that was said to be famous, so dinner for him was seafood paella.

As the signature dish of the restaurant, which is so good it’s even won a competition, this was a fantastic meal, made even tastier by the fact that he probably never would’ve discovered it if he hadn’t been staying in the train room.

Pleased to have discovered a new find in a city he knows so well, Masanuki returned to the hotel to take a bath in his bathroom, which comes with its own window.

This window is an interior one, which was once popular in executive rooms as it allows you to easily check on your children and make sure they stay safe while bathing.

The room and the bed were super comfy, and after enjoying a good night’s sleep, Masanuki headed down to the Akebi no Mi dining room on the second floor for breakfast, which was included with the stay.

Open to both guests and non-guests, this is a fantastic place to start the day, with a huge variety of Japanese and Western dishes on offer, ranging from salads and sides like fried chicken, through to the chef’s special soup curry. 

Another perk for guests staying in the train room is the special seating that’s reserved for them at breakfast, which is located…

▼ …. right in front of the window, where you can enjoy a close-up view of the passing trains.

From this spot, trains come and go at eye level, giving you a front-row seat to Tokyo’s rail system.

There are few restaurants in Tokyo where you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the city’s trains, so it’ll be hard to tear your eyes away from the window. However, when you do, you’ll be met with another feast for the eyes, as the colourful buffet has everything you need to charge your batteries for the day ahead.

▼ And the soup curry is delicious.

Masanuki thoroughly enjoyed his time at Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku and can highly recommend it to those looking for a unique place to stay in Tokyo. Priced from 12,400 yen per person for two people per night, or from 23,500 yen for a single-person stay, the plan is great value for such a convenient location. The room can only be booked through Rakuten Travel (linked below), and is only available for a limited time, until 31 May.

If you’re looking to stay in another railway-themed room, this time with an actual train inside it, then this hotel with a view of Mt Fuji has what you’re looking for!

Hotel information
Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku / お茶の水ホテル ジュラク
Address: Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Awajicho 2-9

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