Spacious eight-person room makes a perfect base for shinobi missions in Tokyo, but passing up sushi counter room is a hard choice.

When choosing a hotel, most modern travelers like to see what sort of reviews or accolades a property has before they book a room. Some rely on user reviews from site like TripAdvisor, while others put their faith in luxury lifestyle periodicals such as Condé Nast Traveler.

However, if you’re of the sound logic that whenever you need help with something in life you should ask a ninja, you’re still in luck, since the Japan Ninja Council has supervised the creation of a ninja hotel room in Tokyo.

Located within the Mimaru hotel chain’s newly opened branch in Tokyo’s Ueno Okachimachi district, the room’s interior design could be described as “shinobi modern,” mixing contemporary comfort with traditional trappings of ninja culture like shuriken, kunai throwing knives, and clandestine communication scrolls. The walls are also adorned with ukiyo-e-style ninja artwork.

As with all Mimaru hotels, the new branch’s rooms are extremely spacious, closer to furnished apartments than bare-bones travel outposts. The Ninja Room has enough space for a sizable delegation from your shadow warrior clan, as it’s configured to sleep eight guests between its six single beds and two-deck bunk bed.

▼ The bunk bed has sort of a hidden fortress vibe to it.

▼ The bathroom doesn’t appear to be particularly ninja-like, but if the toilet is equipped with a “sound princess” function, you will at least be able to poop stealthily.

Alternatively, if the only thing that shouts “JAPAN!” more clearly to you than ninja is sushi, the hotel also has an eight-person room with a full-scale sushi counter.

Since Mimaru’s rooms all come with rice cooker-equipped kitchenettes, a quick trip to the supermarket to pick up some supplies is all you need to have an in-room sushi-making party, or you could just call up a local restaurant and order a pre-made meal (yes, many sushi restaurants in Japan deliver).

Reservations for both the ninja and sushi counter rooms can be made online here. Oh, and if they’re booked solid, don’t forget that Mimaru also has Pokémon rooms at some of its other hotels.

Hotel information
Mimaru (Tokyo Ueno Okachimachi) / Mimaru (東京 上野御徒町)
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Ueno 1-17-1

Source: PR Times, Mimaru
Images: Mimaru
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