“Yeah, I rode a Ferris wheel with him once,” you can now say after attending this swoon-worthy event.

Tokyo offers all sorts of unique experiences, whether it’s Dragon Ball Jogging or themed cafes. We’re not always sure of the reasoning behind these events, but we can say with confidence that if you’ve ever wondered, “What if we could…” then Tokyo is one of the best cities to make it happen.

On September 16-17 this year, Tokyo’s “What if?” question happened to be: “What if you could ride a Ferris wheel with a big, macho piece of man meat?” That’s exactly what happened at the “Muscle Greeting” event hosted by the super buff performance group ALL OUT. For two days, these six-pack hunks offered a warm greeting and send-off at the Ferris wheel located in Odaiba’s Palette Town between 12:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Of course, SoraNews24 had to get in on this, attending for an inside look at the experience.

▼ “Would you like fries with that?”

The first thing visitors could do with these three Muscleteers was take a commemorative photo. You could pose normally, or take up the option to have them hold you princess style. They also had photo props available with Twitter hashtags like #OdaibaMuscleFerrisWheel (#お台場マッスル観覧車).

▼ Or you could compare your pathetic–er…cute biceps.

Why ask them to hold you like a princess for just a photo, though? There’s also the option for them to carry you onto the Ferris wheel, princess style. They named it the “Muscle Escort Service” (no, I don’t think they mean it like that).

▼ Looks like things are starting to warm up in here…

And, of course, the main attraction of the event was also the option for ALL OUT to ride in the Ferris wheel with you. Good looks, good scenery, good conversation – what more could you ask for in a (paid) date?

▼ Just you, three macho guys…oh, and your friend, I guess.

Whether you’re into super buff guys or you’re just looking for a partner to ride the Ferris wheel with, ALL OUT’s got you covered. The Ferris wheel event at Odaiba may be over, but the members appear frequently at other events throughout Japan. If you’re interested, check out their official website, or for more muscly males, head on over to the Macho Cafe in Tokyo for meals served with a side of biceps.

Photos © SoraNews24
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