High-quality details make you look like you’ve stepped out of an anime series.

Over the years, Japanese brand No. S Project has been making a name for itself in the cosplay world with a variety of unusual releases ranging from schoolgirl swimsuits to panty-concealing bloomers.

Sold through Japanese novelty retail chain Village Vanguard, their cosplay costumes have been so popular that the two companies are teaming up once again to bring us the next big thing in Japanese maid’s costumes: The White Frilled Apron.

While there are dozens, if not hundreds of white maid’s aprons on the market, the fact that this one comes from No. S Project has everyone excited. After all, this is the brand that gave us a collection of skirts to elongate legs and cinch waists like an anime heroine and a range of dresses to give us the sillhouette of an anime character.

Like these past releases, this new apron has also been modelled on characters from the world of Japanese anime, with clever details that replicate the same styles worn by 2-D maids.

The first thing that catches the eye with these aprons is the gorgeous frills, which splay out perfectly around the straps and hem.

One of the best features of the apron is the way it beautifully spreads out over your skirt or dress in a flattering A-line shape from the waist belt to the ruffled hemline.

▼ And on the back, it ties up with a beautiful large satin bow.

Whether you’re posing for a photoshoot or twirling around at a cosplay event outdoors, the carefully stitched ruffle design ensures that the apron maintains its perfect anime-style shape at all times.

The frilled white apron retails for 16,740 yen (US$150.59) and is already so popular it’s almost sold out online. Given the enormous popularity of the items from No. S Project, we’re hoping they’ll be restocking soon, especially as we have the perfect set of underwear-censoring mini petticoats to go with it!

Images: Village Vanguard
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