We’ve all reached that moment when the final episode aired, leaving you with “NOW what happens”?

“Where do my favorite heros and heroines end up? What happened after their massive quest was completed? DID THEY END UP GRADUATING?!”

These are all burning questions that most of us ask when our favorite anime has ceased its run. These titles in particular are begging for a second season.

3. The heavy hitter that was Gurren Lagann could REALLY use a new season. Yes, the anime did run its story and it was finalized in such a beautiful way! Sure the series could follow the aftermath, but I think a new season that explores what happened before the first would be immensely satisfying and quite fun.

Perhaps one that follows fan favorite Kamina or Yoko Littner would receive rave reception. The universe that was created with Gurren Lagann is one that I profoundly love.

2. Angel Beats and its heart-wrenching theme could really use another round in the playing field. Much like Gurren Lagann, Angel Beats ended on a very good note and while fans would clamor for a continuation of this ending. I feel that an entirely new group of kids would be an interesting topic to explore.

The amount of emotional story telling that was present during the first season is testimony to how well another season could run and how heart-wrenching that would be.

1. Keeping in theme with the emotional trips, Death Parade is another worthy candidate for another season. I would absolutely help fund a second season of this anime, if only to be back in Decim’s Bar once more to experience the stories of love, acceptance and struggle. And of course in the name of figuring out who gets to go on to heaven and whose soul is lost to the void.

This anime had impressive visuals and a quality story to boot!

Don’t even get me started on the 90’s throwback Baccano!

Top image: YouTube/アニプレックス

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