Yakiimo-style drink is just the thing for autumn in Japan.

There’s a lot to like about Japan in the fall, and while some people might wax poetic about the changing colors of the leaves or the softly shining full moon on a clear autumn night, these days we’re all about the yakiimo.

One of Japan’s favorite fall treats, yakiimo are roasted sweet potatoes, with their sweet golden inside and ever so slightly bitter purple skin providing an enticing contrast of flavors and color. As a matter of fact, we love yakiimo so much that we recently added a one-person yakiimo maker to the SoraNews24 kitchen gadget infrastructure so we can eat them whenever we want.

Yet we still crave even more yakiimo, and so beverage maker Morinaga would have had our attention with its new Hey! You Can Drink Roasted Sweet Potatoes even without the “hey” part.

This isn’t Japan’s first-ever yakiimo drink, but Morinaga rival House’s Yakiimo Dayori had a consistency close to tea. Hey! You Can Drink Roasted Sweet Potatoes (or Yakiimo Nomerutte Yo!, as it’s called in Japanese) comes from Morinaga’s Morinaga Milk division. Because of that, it’s a creamy milk-based beverage, combining rich dairy with the sweet flavor and enticing scent of a freshly roasted yakiimo.

At 450 milliliters (15.2 ounces), Hey! You Can Drink Roasted Sweet Potatoes is, by Japanese standards, a little on the large side for a single-serving beverage, so Morinaga has given it a cap instead of a standard milk-carton paper flap so that you can save some to savor later if you’re so inclined.

Hey! You Can Drink Roasted Sweet Potatoes goes on sale October 13, and in keeping with yakiimo’s autumnal image, will be available until December.

Source: PR Times via Japaaan
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