A Japanese fall favorite in alcohol form!

One thing that Japan is great at is using seasonal flavors to create limited edition foods. For fall, that means lots of sweets, drinks, and snacks are flavored with chestnuts, Japanese kabocha pumpkins, and perhaps the most popular, sweet potatoes. For example, a new liquor on the market this fall takes advantage of the sweet, sweet flavors of roasted sweet potatoes. It’s called “You Yaki-imo” liquor, or “Drunken Fire-roasted Sweet Potato“, and sweet potato fans will not want to miss out.

This liquor is produced by Ibaraki Prefecture-based company Meiri Shurui, who have devoted time and money to researching methods of condensing the flavors of sweet potatoes for use in food and drinks. Its ingredients include a paste made from the sweetest kind of Japanese sweet potato, known as the “silky sweet”, one of the most popular kinds to use for roasting in Japan. This paste has been mixed with a specialty honey and fermented to a 20-percent alcohol level, so it has a decent punch as well as a delicious flavor.

The makers recommend mixing it with a little bit of milk for a creamy cocktail. For best results, the recommended combination is three parts milk to one part liquor, but it’s up to your tastes to decide how you like it best. You could also pour it over ice cream for a delicious, mature desert, use it as a topping for pancakes, or bake and cook with it for a nice, fragrant, alcoholic touch.

The You Yaki-imo liquor is now available at grocery stores and liquor shops around the country, and online at the Meiri Shurui online shop. It retails for 1,078 yen (US$10.30) for a 500-milliliter (16.9-ounce) bottle. If you’re fan of fall flavors, and especially sweet potato, you’ll definitely want to pick up a bottle to try yourself! And if you don’t drink, don’t worry. There’s an alcohol-free roasted sweet potato drink out there, too!

Source: Meiri Shurui via Entabe
Images: Meiri Shuirui

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