Now you can drink strawberry shortcake from a can — and even shake it to the consistency of your choice!

That’s right, Japanese beverage manufacturer  DyDo Drinco has announced a new drink for the upcoming autumn/winter season that’s sure to delight sweets fans as the latest addition to Japan’s expanding list of  drinkable desserts. This time, they’ve turned a popular cake into a canned drink, and it even comes with a fun twist (which in this case involves giving the drink not a twist, but a shake).

The new Rich Grand Time Shake and Drink Sweet Shortcake (Koku Grand Time Futte Nomu Kanbi na Shortcake), which will be released on November 28, features flavored extract from the popular Amao variety of strawberry grown in Fukuoka Prefecture on the southern island of Kyushu, as well as fresh cream from Hokkaido in the north, a combination designed to recreate the taste of a sophisticated dessert that should appeal to consumers of all ages.

In addition, this is a “shake and drink” product, which means the thickness and consistency of the drink changes depending on how much you shake it, so you can enjoy varying textures as you shake and finish the drink .

DyDo Drinco apparently created the drink as a way for consumers to relax and relieve stress, as people seem to be increasingly turning to tasty drinks as a way to refresh and take a break from their busy day. According to their press release, DyDo even conducted a survey of more than 1,000 people to determine what type of cake was most popular with the Japanese buying public, in which strawberry shortcake earned the highest marks compared with eight other varieties of cake.

The strawberry shortcake drink will be priced at 160 yen (US$1.40) for a 165 gram (5.8 ounce) bottle, and like the roasted sweet potato drink we reported on last month, it will be available exclusively from the “acure” vending machines you can find in JR East (East Japan Railway) train stations.

If you find yourself in need of a soothing sugar fix while passing through a JR East station in the coming months, you may want to give this unique drink a try!

Source, images: Kyodo News PR Wire press release