“Oh you wanted me to make Anpanman? I thought you said satanic hellbeast, haha. Silly me!”

There’s basically not a child in Japan who doesn’t know Anpanman, the round-faced rosy-cheeked anime hero who’s modeled after everyone’s favorite bean-paste-filled bread sweet, anpan.

But as we’ve seen before, it doesn’t take much to turn Anpanman from cute to horrifying. And recently Japanese Twitter artist @doppen3 took this to the extreme by posting this:

“They asked me to make an Anpanman origami,
but for some reason got mad when I showed them what I made.”

Huh, what’s wrong with the Anpanman origami? Did they mess it up somehow? Let’s take a look at the photos.

▼ Oh that’s cute! It’s one of those origami fortune tellers. And it looks just
like Anpanman. Why could they have possibly gotten mad about…

▼ …wait, what’s that inside?


▼ Why have you brought this horror upon our realm?!
Save me, Melonpanna!

As terrifying as that creation may be, we have to admit, it’s really well done. The outside has just the right amount of cute to make you feel safe, and the inside is like a suckerpunch right to the gut… if the thing punching you is fanged, sharp, and bleeding.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted:

“Welp, I’ve been traumatized.”
“After years of his head being eaten, now his head is doing the eating!”
“All this time I thought he was filled with bean paste, not teeth.”
“This is why I could never teach little kids, because I’d always be way too tempted to trick them like this.”
“That looks like the monster from Parasyte.”

Parasyte references were all over the place on Twitter, and after seeing pictures from the manga for ourselves, we’d have to agree.

▼ The family resemblance is, uh, uncanny.

▼ And for those who prefer the live-action version.


There were also many clamoring for instructions on how to make their own demonic fortune teller. Since it’s been a while since many of us made them in elementary school, @doppen3 posted a video showing how to summon a Hello Kitty hellspawn.

▼ We hold no responsibility for any
missing souls as a result of constructing it.

For the rest of us though, perhaps we’ll just stick with some nice, safe origami bookmarks. Those are pretty-looking, useful, and won’t be summoning any unwanted horrors into our home… although we could add some claws here, some horns there, and- no! Stop it, you idle hands!

Source, images: Twitter/@doppen3