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So we all know that Shiba Inu are the cutest dogs ever. But what happens when you have a pet that isn’t a Shiba Inu? Do you dress them up in cosplay? Conduct adorable experiments on them?

How about just turning them into Shiba Inu instead? That’s what happened to one Japanese Twitter user, who accidentally had his Pomeranian groomed to look like Shiba Inu. He posted the photos of the adorable aftermath for everyone to see, pretty much proving that if you believe hard enough, anyone can become a Shiba Inu.

When Japanese Twitter user Mei took his family’s pet Pomeranian Maru for a summer grooming, he looked like this when he was dropped off:

▼ Hello I am an adorable Pomeranian!

But then somehow, just a little while later when Mei came to pick Maru back up, this dog was waiting for him:

▼ Hello I am an adorable Shiba Inu… wait what?!

As you can imagine, Mei was quite shocked to see a brand new Shiba Inu where he had left his Pomeranian. Here’s what he wrote:

“Stop making fun of him! Maru is a Pomeranian! Not a Shiba Inu!”

Mei also added this in a tweet, which was later deleted:

“My family won’t stop blaming me for what happened lol. Maru is not allowed to go to the groomer anymore, so it looks like he’s stuck as a Shiba-ranian for a while.”

But maybe it’s not Mei’s fault after all. Perhaps Maru has special shape-shifting powers? Take a look at this tweet:

▼ “Now he’s not even a dog anymore, he’s a fox. I give up lol!”

Of course with something this cute and possibly magical running around, Japanese netizens had lots to say:

“I love all three Marus!”
“Maybe he’s a hybrid?”
“Even his tail twirled too, making him look even more like a Shiba Inu.”
“I think we’re all ignoring just how skilled the groomer is.”
“Maru, how many transformations do you have left?”

Apparently Maru has at least one transformation left, based on this tweet from his owner that has some great words of wisdom for pet-owners all over the world:

▼ “Oh and he looks like a Chihuahua too when he gets wet. But I don’t care what he is, I love him anyway.”

Source: Twitter (@mei___mei) via Togech and Hamusoku
Featured/top image: Twitter (1, 2) (Edited by RocketNews24)