“Oh, no! Now I’m gonna be late for school.”

When we expect to see horror, it can be a lot of fun. Things like Junji Ito illustrations and magazines for elementary-school girls can shock us in ways we’d never expected, so long as our hearts were prepared for the terror.

But sometimes, we accidentally summon the scary things in the unlikeliest of places, which is what happened to Japanese Twitter user Reira when they made some egg-toast and were greeted by this:

“I made egg toast, but… I’m scared.”

Yup, sorry Reira, but that toast is no longer yours — it’s the property of the All-Seeing Eye of His Eternal Shadow, used to glimpse upon our mortal realm and plan his glorious domination in a cleansing fire of crust and yolk!

Honestly though, the resemblance to an eyeball is uncanny. Everything from the perfect outline shape to the orange iris to even the crinkles and wrinkles around it. We’d kind of be shocked if it didn’t start gazing around the room and speaking in long-forgotten, blasphemous tongues.

Other Japanese Twitter users were quick to post their theories:

“It’s the Door of Truth from Fullmetal Alchemist!”

▼ Maybe Reira solived the Millenium Puzzle?

▼ The Eye of Sauron looks like it could toast a mean egg sandwich, for sure.

▼ Others posted their own accidental demon-summonings, like this zoomed-in popcorn…

▼ …while others shared demonic coincidences on their Twitter timelines.

Now the only question is, would you rather eat that eyeball, or a Tuna eyeball?

Source: Twitter/@nauthiz10leila via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso (1, 2) (Edited by SoraNews24)
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