573 Italian horsepower vs. two legs of a Japanese cop.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that most people who drive a Lamborghini enjoy, or at least don’t mind, getting attention. That’s something that goes double for anyone who specs theirs in “look-at-me” orange.

That attention can come in many forms, including awe at the owner’s wealth, respect for his financial success, or simply appreciative stares from fellow driving enthusiasts as the high-spec machine drives by. But the owner of the Lamborghini Huracán shown in this video filmed in Japan probably wished his car had been less eye-catching after a police officer spotted him making an illegal turn and caught his Italian exotic after a pursuit using a much more humble vehicle.

As the video opens, the Huracán pulls up to an intersection, with the signal light letting traffic through if its going straight ahead, but instructing cars that are turning left to wait.

However, the driver of the Lamborghini either doesn’t notice the signal, or simply doesn’t care. He continues past the limit line, waits for a break in the stream of pedestrians walking across the crosswalk, and completes his turn, gassing the car enough that its exhaust growls as he accelerates away.

However, a nearby patrol cop has witnessed the whole thing, and quickly gives chase. Notice I said “patrol cop” and not “traffic cop.” Why? Because…

the pursuing police officer is on a bicycle!

But with the power of gravity helping the officer pick up speed as he zips down the sloping sidewalk, he quickly catches up to the offending Huracán and orders it to pull over.

The driver does, and the officer proceeds to write his ticket.

The successful apprehension, despite the difference in vehicular performance potential, has Internet commenters leaving remarks such as:

“I thought it was gonna be a motorcycle cop, but nope, it’s a bicycle cop!”
“Man, getting caught by a cop on a housewife-style chari bike? That’s gotta be embarrassing.”
“Whoa, catching a Lamborghini on a bicycle? This guy deserves a medal.”
“It’s really polite how the cop kneels down so that he can talk to the driver at eye-level.”
“I like the part where the Porsche just nonchalantly cruises by at the 24-second mark [as the Lamborghini is getting pulled over].”

In the driver’s defense, the illegal turn may have been an honest mistake, as he’s considerate enough of others to have used his turn signal during the incident. Nevertheless, the law is the law. And while the driver is no doubt unhappy about getting a ticket, he can at least take comfort in knowing that there have been Lamborghini owners in Japan
who’ve had much worse days than this.

Source: YouTube/comb318 via Jin
Images: YouTube/comb318