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This recent video of some skillful biking based on an anime character’s special cycling technique has already been retweeted over 61,000 times.

How good are you at cycling in a straight line, let alone doing fancy tricks? If neither are exactly your forte, then the following video is sure to leave you with your jaw hanging.

Japanese Twitter user @heihoSUMMER, who seems to be an avid cyclist himself, recently posted a video of his friend displaying some impressive cycling skills, which has already racked up quite the view count.

▼ “My high school friend. He’s imitating Makishima on a mamachari.”

In the brief video description, he also references hit manga/anime Yowamushi Pedal, a story about a high school cycling club. Specifically, he likens his friend to the character Yusuke Makishima, the club’s ace climber who’s known for his unusual cycling technique of tilting from side to side as he pedals uphill.

▼ A few screenshots of Makishima (the one with long, green hair dressed in yellow)


Also, for those of you unfamiliar with mamachari, this term refers to a simple bike, often with a basket in front, that Japanese housewives use to run errands, and are also used by some high school students or workers to commute to and from school or work. In fact, the mamachari is so ubiquitous in Japan that’s it’s practically become a cultural icon. What makes the trick video above so impressive is that the student is performing his stunts on a mamachari, which is not equipped in the least for anything so fancy.

Since Yowamushi Pedal‘s protagonist Sakamichi Onoda was first discovered while riding on a mamachari, maybe it’s just a matter of time before @heihoSUMMER’s friend will also be scouted!

Source: Twitter/@heihoSUMMER
Top image: Twitter/@heihoSUMMER (edited by RocketNews24)