Public divided over whether this is objectifying women or simply women-ifying objects.

Who doesn’t love a crane game, or UFO catcher as they are often called in Japan? Well, I don’t. Quite frankly I hate them with a passion, but they certainly are popular. However, a new take on the costly pastime has taken Taiwan by storm.

Earlier this month Tainan City became home to Monmonda, southern Taiwan’s largest crane game facility. And to mark the opening of such a huge game center, they would need an equally huge promotional event.

Employing the wisdom of 1980s beer commercials which postulate that women in swimsuits make everything better, they set up four machines with live, bikini-clad women inside.

The women would beckon potential players in with provocative poses and also offer pleasant conversation while they played. Had I been there I’m sure they would have had their work cut out for them, considering the stream of expletives that usually come out of my mouth while playing crane games.

Anyway, for less-stressed people it turned out to be a huge success. Men from all over southern Taiwan suddenly found themselves in need of a Winnie the Pooh doll or Captain America throw pillow and rushed over to gawk at some girls in swimsuits behind plexiglas while attempting to acquire these items.

However, it was not all beer and skittles for this event. After word spread throughout the internet, voices of disgust began emerging with comments such as, “This is treating women like objects,” “I feel dirty just watching this,” and “What are children supposed to think when they see this?”

Surprisingly surprised by the backlash at keeping scantily-clad women writhing around in small containers for our tokens and amusement, the owners issued an apology: “From now on we will reconsider standards for preparing events.”

It’s a nicely ambiguous promise which I read as: “We’ll put a curtain up or something next time.” Nevertheless, at least they can rest assured that this wasn’t the worst idea a crane game owner ever had… not even by a long shot.

Source: Facebook/@lovemonmonda, FTV
Top image: YouTube/百大SG 頻道
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