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Sega of America taken to court in five million dollar lawsuit, accused of deceiving users

Arcade game Key Master is set so users can’t win until they’ve lost enough times.

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Landmark Akihabara arcade Adores is the latest Tokyo game center to go out of business

Only a few days remain for the crane game specialist.

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Sega creates mini UFO catcher crane game with electric arm for Japanese magazine

Bring the joy of a Japanese arcade game into your home and win ALL the prizes! 

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Man loses 200 times at crane game, calls police to investigate, staff member loses 300 times too

“That’s just a scam.”

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Japanese crane game serves up actual slices of cake – and we got some!【Photos】

Forget about stuffed animals and candy bars – now it’s time for gourmet prizes!

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Japanese arcade owner arrested for allegedly rigging crane games to be unwinnable

Japan’s first-ever crane game fraud investigation claims arcades used secret setting so prizes could only be won in employee demonstrations.

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Taiwanese crane games with bikini women inside spark controversy【Video】

Public divided over whether this is objectifying women or simply women-ifying objects.

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Ice Cream with Baby Star Ramen noodles only available from UFO catchers across Japan

This special ice cream treat cannot be found in stores.

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Crane game adds next-level sense of urgency with a disturbing Curious George display

You monsters! What have you done to George!?

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Win real, natural gemstones at Saitama game center, which boasts over 300 crane games!【Video】

Score a real gem in this high-class crane game.

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Trolled by the crane game: Japan’s UFO Catcher machines are getting increasingly tricky

There’s nothing quite like the joy of pumping shiny coins into a “UFO Catcher” machine or crane game and getting a fuzzy toy in return. As long as you can figure out the machine’s “sweet spot”, you’re almost guaranteed a prize.

But in Japan, where crane games feature a wide variety of prizes including anime figures and snacks, the game designers have been coming up with sneaky ways to trick you into feeding in even more coins in pursuit of a reward. Check out these epic crane game fails

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Must try harder: This crane game in Japan is laughably bad 【Video】

Crane games, AKA claw games or even “UFO catchers” if you’re in Japan, have always been a bit of a con. This much we know already. They’re designed so that the claws exert barely enough force to grip the trinkets we’re so lusting after, and the prizes are usually worth much less than it costs to actually win one of them to begin with. Even so, they’re great fun, and Japan’s arcades are chock-full of them, luring us in with their various exciting, and sometimes not-so-exciting prizes.

But this particular crane game, which asks arcade goers to attempt to pick up a what appear to be miniature moe-style figurines, is not so much tricky as plain lazy.

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Japanese UFO catcher prizes just keep getting weirder…

“Oh shoot, I’m out of dish soap, let’s go to the game center.” If this sentence seems incongruous, you clearly have not spent enough time in Japanese game centers. Sure game centers have good old fashion arcade games, air hockey and photo booths, but a lot of the space is taken up by UFO catchers (adorably pronounced, oo-fo in Japan), aka claw/crane games.

Usually, UFO catchers are filled with cute toys or cool figurines, but sometimes things get a little too practical. Other times, the prizes are just a bit… off. Twitter users across Japan have shared their strange finds with us before, but they just keep coming and they keep getting weirder. 

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A funny thing happened at the game center: 10 strange crane game tweets from Japan

Game centers in Japan promise a treasure trove of riches for those skilled at coaxing small prizes from their crane game glass housings, but endless frustration for anyone who hasn’t had plenty of practice. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ve probably played a crane game or two yourself, but we have a feeling you’ve never seen something like the following Twitter users captured. Let’s take a look at 10 strange happenings at game centers across Japan.

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Hurl Obscenities at the Crane Game from the Comfort of Your Own Home! Online Remote UFO Catcher Opened

Crane games, claw machines, UFO catchers, whatever you want to call them can be found scattered all across East Asia taking in reams of cash with promises of prizes ranging from giant stuffed phallic mushrooms to game consoles.

Oh, how I look back fondly on lining up my plastic pincers precisely over a PSP only to have them go limp at the last minute. The nursing staff and I had many a chuckle as they stitched up my knuckles from punching repeatedly into the Plexiglas window.

Thanks to Netch and their remote web browser operated crane game, instead of getting charged with destruction of property I can get enraged in front of my own computer screen!

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