Couples that Poké-battle together, stay together.

Aspiring Pokémon trainers getting married already have plenty of options in Japan, with official Pokémon marriage registration forms and engagement rings.

But one couple recently took it another level further by sending out Pokémon-themed wedding invitations to their guests, in classic Generation One Red/Green/Blue style, no less!

Japanese Twitter user @sumito_47 showed off the invitation he received to the Internet via this tweet:

“This invitation is so good I’m drooling.
I’m going to put it in a frame!” (Translation below)

(The word above the couple is them yelling “welcome!” )

Newlyweds Issei and Shoko want to invite you to their wedding!

Will you attend? >Yes >No

Tell us your name!
Tell us your address and phone number!
Do you have any allergies? Yes / No
Will you ride the bus? From where? Yes / No (Place: ___)
Write any message here!

What a cute idea for a wedding invitation. Not only does it show off the couple’s mutual interest and sense of humor, but it also prepares any guests for what they might expect to find at the wedding itself.

If you’re a haughty type who does not enjoy the idea of RSVPing with such an unorthodox invitation, then chances are you’re probably going to want to stay away on the wedding day, because there’s probably going to be a Pikachu cake.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted:

“What a great invitation! I can feel both their love for each other and Pokémon.”
“That sprite of the newlyweds is really nice.”
“Guys, I like Pokémon too! Someone marry me!”
“Wait, if you frame it, then you can’t RSVP!”
“No, that just means he’d RSVPing as ‘no.'”
(In reply) I’ll cut off the top half to frame and reply with the bottom.”

Sometimes you have to get a little fancy to hold onto cool invitations, but also use them for their intended purpose too. And since this isn’t even the first Pokémon-themed wedding invitation we’ve seen, it’s good to know how to handle them, since it’s probably only a matter of time before you get one someday too.

Source: Twitter/@sumito_47 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@sumito_47