Loved-up Pikachus are ready to tie the knot with you on your special day.

Back in 2019, Japanese wedding planning company Escrit started offering Pokémon weddings, with all sorts of special flourishes that allowed newlyweds to share their special day with two newly betrothed Pikachus.

Like the franchise characters, the company has evolved over the years, and today they announced some exciting new perks that’ll have trainers everywhere wanting to tie the knot at one of their venues.

That means, in addition to the usual treats, like Pokémon-adorned meals, desserts, and cakes…

There’ll be all-new items on offer, like newly designed “welcome boards“, to be placed at the banquet hall entrance during the wedding reception.

▼ And a Pokémon-themed profile video to be played at the reception.

▼ There are also various paper goods to give tables, drinks and place settings some special flair.

▼ The biggest drawcard for couples will be the chance to say “I choose you” with some very unique jewellery.

▼ There are three wedding ring designs to choose from.

▼ And a gorgeous necklace to bring some electric love to the proceedings.

Escrit says the addition of the new products will allow couples to enjoy an even more powerful “Pokemon Wedding”, which will be the icing on the cake for lovers who’ve already powered up their romance with a Pikachu marriage form and engagement ring!

Reservations for the new wedding plan are currently being accepted online, where the loved-up Pikachus are waiting to greet you and your beloved with open arms.

Source: PR Times
Featured image: PR Times
Insert images: Escrit, PR Times
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