Designers channel the beautiful aesthetics of one of anime’s most visually distinctive franchises with Sailor Senshi-inspired décor.

Last month, Japanese wedding planning company Arc-en-Ciel made anime fans’ miraculously romantic dreams come true by announcing its new Sailor Moon wedding reception packages. The initial reveal focused on the fabulous food and decadent desserts inspired by the magical girl franchise, and now Arc-en-Ciel is showing off additional decorating details for the day you and your one true love tie the knot.

Japanese weddings don’t usually have bridesmaids or groomsmen, but the newlywed couple still sits at a table for two at the front of the reception venue. Arc-en-Ciel has designed four arrangements for the bride and groom’s table, with touches such as a dynamic crescent moon of flowers and the silhouette of Sailor Moon herself.

Table setting options for the couple consist of Five Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon, and Moon Castle motifs.

Even the bride’s bouquet gets a reimagining, taking on the form of Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick.

Of course, hospitable newlyweds want their guests’ tables to feel special too, and so Arc-en-Ciel has put together no fewer than a dozen different floral arrangement centerpieces, saluting the full team of Sailor Senshi and also including a nod to the Silver Crystal in napkin folding.

There’s a similar wealth of variety in guest table setting configurations too.

▼ Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Pink, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars

▼ Sailors Jupiter, Venus, Chibi Moon, and Pluto

▼ Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Moon Castle

Packages even include hikigashi, a traditional Japanese gift of sweets given to guests to take home, in the form of Sailor Senshi cookies.

Arc-en-Ciel began taking reservations for Sailor Moon wedding reception packages on January 4, and inquiries can be made through its website here.

Sources: Arc-en-Ciel, PR Times
Top image: Arc-en-Ciel
Insert images: PR Times, Arc-en-Ciel
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