With only a few months left, now’s your last chance to ride the massively popular bullet train that travels as fast as Eva Unit-01.

Zooming at speeds rivaling Evangelion units, the Evangelion Shinkansen is all sorts of cool compressed into one sleek vehicle. Entering service in late 2015, its phenomenal popularity has seen it being renewed with a bunch of exclusive goodies thrown in for fans of the epic series.

All good things must come to an end someday, however, as the Evangelion bullet train (called 500 Type Eva) is ceasing operation after completing two-and-a-half-years of service come 13 May. That’s 18 months longer than what the company originally planned for, speedily shuffling passengers between Hakata and Shin-Osaka Stations.

▼ Here’s the promotional video for the 500 Type Eva.

▼ Almost everything about the Shinkansen screams Evangelion, including the stylish exterior design…

▼ …the comfortable interior…

▼ …and even the doors between cars.

There’s a ton of Evangelion stuff in the collaboration, including special train announcements for major stops along the route voiced by enigmatic character, Kaworu. Passengers can even experience what main protagonist Shinji must have felt like in the unique cockpit made to resemble those found in the anime’s Entry Plugs.

▼ Prospective pilots will be selected via lottery.

More information on 500 Type Eva, pricing and plans can be found here.

While the Evangelion Shinkansen isn’t likely to go berserk any time soon, the service will cease in four months time. Finish your epic bullet train journey with a visit to the 500 Type Eva Cafe located in Hakata Station for some Angel Curry, and it’ll be a wonderful memory for many years to come.

Source, images: 500 Type Eva Project