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Aside from some of the best tonkotsu (pork stock) ramen in Japan, Fukuoka is famous for Hakata ori textiles. The merchant Mitsuda Yazaemon returned from his travels to China in 1235 with the techniques he would put to use in making the woven patterns, which proved to be so prized that they were even given as tribute to the shogun.

Hakata ori is still popular today, and it can often be seen in the sashes Fukuoka residents use to tie their kimono. If you’re looking for a more modern use, though, you can now order elegant Hakata ori covers for your iPhone, iPad, or Kindle.

The understated yet distinct covers are being sold by mobile device and accessory retailer Spec. To ensure customers are getting the genuine article, each case is handmade by esteemed Fukuoka-based textile company Kuroki Orimono. Spec is offering 13 different patterns, each with a unique traditional design.

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iPhone 5 and 5s cases sell for 6,048 yen (US $55), and feature a pocket where you can stash your train pass or credit cards.

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iPadAir and iPadMini cases are priced at 8,856 yen ($82) and 8,532 yen ($79), respectively. The simple four-strap binding makes it easy to unhook a corner for when you want to snap a photo without removing the entire cover.

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Finally, since you don’t need to have any special affection for Apple products in order to be a fan of traditional Japanese design, Kindle covers are also available for 8,208 yen ($76).

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Unfortunately, not every case is offered in each pattern. Scrolling down on the Spec website until you come to the samples, then clicking on the downwards pointing arrow will allow you to double check availability.

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So if you’re in the market for a case that’s proven itself to have a timeless look over several centuries of popularity, you can place your order here on Spec’s website.

Source: Japaaan
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