Never before has a more terrifying six-sided creature been sighted.

We’ve seen a lot of scary uses for cardboard before, everything from cardboard toilets for maximum office efficiency to otaku husbands sharing photos of marital bliss with their cardboard cutout wives.

But it turns out there’s an even more teffiying use for these boxes: wearing them. One Japanese netizen who ordered a kotatsu, a table with a heater underneath it, used the box it came in to create a smiling, four-legged Amazon abomination.

▼ “I bought a kotatsu but the box was just the perfect size….”

We’re not sure what the most unnerving part is about this newly-born cardboard creature: its eyeless face, its endlessly smiling mouth, or that it looks like it can dash across the room and pounce on you before you even get a chance to run.

Whatever it is, it’s freaky, and it reminds us of the gluttonous No Face monster from Spirited Away.

▼ Great. Now we have to add “imagining it unhinging
its neck and swallowing us whole” to the list too.

Japanese netizens were equally disturbed:

“I spit out my cocoa!”
“Are you an angry spirit from the other world?”
“Be gone, evil spirit!”
“┌(┌ ^o^)┐ That’s freaky!”
“I would be terrified if this came running at me.
“I want it to walk through the Shibuya Scramble! Hahaha.”

Of course, @donguri_rui is not the first to become the Amazon box creature. He based his transformation on a previous post that appeared a while ago.

And he is not the last either. His post allowed him to find his boxed brethren all across Japan.

▼ “Nice to meet you! I’m so excited to meet others like me!”

▼ “Heehee… I have found… others….”

▼ It even inspired some fan art!

Well, that’s it everyone. We’re done for. It seems like the Amazon box creatures are spreading. The only good news? At least they’re still not as scary as Mr. Sato’s cardboard fashion. Shudder.

Source: Twitter/@donguri_rui via Kinisoku
Featured image: Twitter/@donguri_rui