Does this voice actor have a future in Pokémon Mega Evolution design? …probably not.

Pokémon’s Eevee has a ton of evolution variants, a total of eight, and each is themed on a different elemental type.

Despite this, Eevee doesn’t have its own Mega Evolution yet. What would the creature look like? Some kind of conglomeration of all the elements combined?

An all-powerful Legendary Pokémon voice actor and infamous doodler Takuya Eguchi decided to draw what he thinks Eevee would look like. The picture was shared on the Twitter account for Eguchi’s variety program Eguchi Takuya no Oretachi Datte Mo~tto Iyasaretai! (Takuya Eguchi’s We Also Want to Be Healed More!).

Like his previous drawings, this Eevee has the characteristically blank eyes and full, red lips. The strange drawing caught the attention of Project Eevee, an official Eevee merchandise line.

▼ Once again we felt the possibilities of the unusual Eevee.

Eguchi’s doodles previously went meta after appearing in the second episode of TsukiPro the Animation. Eguchi voiced a character in the show and his doodles of the mascots of his variety program appeared as stuffed animals in the anime character’s room.

Source: Nijimen
Featured image: Twitter/@oreiya_info

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