Need something special to finish off your holiday party outfit? Let Pikachu and Eevee help.

There are a number of things that make Pikachu’s design fantastic, but one of the most important is that the Pokémon mascot can be recognized simply by his silhouette. For those who’ve seen the Pokémon anime or played the video games, the shape of Pikachu’s head and tail are as instantly recognizable as Mickey Mouse’s ears are to Disney fans, and that familiarity has led Japanese design house Small Planet to craft a batch of understatedly elegant yet cute Pikachu accessories, plus a few items featuring fellow Pokémon Eevee and its evolutions.

Starting things off are two Pikachu earring options, either a single earring with a combined Pikachu silhouette and dangling tail, or a three-piece set where the face, tail, and a Pikachu-yellow stone can all be placed separately. Both pierced and clip-type earrings are available, with the individual dangling earring or the three-piece set both priced at 2,000 yen (US$18).

Once you’ve got your ears adorned, Pikachu is also ready to help get your hair in place with either a Pikachu barrette (1,500 yen)…

…or three-piece hairpin sets (1,600 yen each), one with Pikachu’s face, one with his tail, and one with a Poké Ball, perhaps the one that Pikachu has refused to get into for the past 20 years (although he’s got a heartwarming reason for his stubbornness).

And finally, if your love of Pokémon has more to do with a devotion to Eevee than an affinity for Pikachu, Small Planet has a trio of hair scrunchies (1,200 yen each) with plates bearing the likeness of Eevee or her evolved forms Espeon or Umbreon.

The accessories will be sold at select Pokémon Center megastores in Japan, with the Mega Tokyo (Tokyo Ikebukuro), Yokohama, Tokyo Skytree Town, and Osaka branches getting their shipments in late December for anyone wanting to show off their sense of Pokémon style at Christmas or New Year’s parties.

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Source, images: @Press
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