We find out that Guardians of the Eye love to soak in salty tears.

Everyone thought it was a joke when Japanese company Santen Pharmaceutical first created an anime mini-series featuring cute anime girls based on their eye drop products. But little did they know that it would turn viral, with the action-packed videos racking up millions of views for their uniqueness and cast of heroines voiced by legends in the Japanese voice acting industry.

And the most recent episode of EYEDROPS is a special one: the entire crew takes a well-deserved rest from their duties protecting the planet Eye.

▼ The video is in Japanese, but you can laugh along with
the auto-translate English, or scroll down for our summary.

Drained from maintaining constant vigil, Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium suggests the crew take a relaxing trip to an onsen full of tears, the perfect getaway for heroines of Eye.

“Tears wash away stuff like pollen and protects the eyes.”

Dressed in striking kimonos with eye motifs, the cast soak their tired feet in salty liquid. And while everyone’s having a great time, the shy Potassium Glycyrrhizin gets teased and tickled by the playful Taurine.

▼ The quality here is too high…
almost as high quality as Santen Pharmaceutical eye drops!

Neostigmine Methylsulfate, the most responsible member of them all, provides additional commentary on the role of tears, but disaster strikes before she can continue further.

▼ The team heads back to their headquarters,
only to see extensive damage occurring on the cornea.

Taurine, Vitamin B6, Neostigmine Methylsulfate, and Potassium L-aspartate immediately combine their powers to relief symptoms, but their treatment proves ineffective.

▼ Guardians fighting to protect our vision.

After the subsequent inflammation suppression technique of Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride, Chlorphenamine Maleate, Potassium Glycyrrhizin and Epsilon-aminocaproic Acid failed to achieve anything, an intruder presents himself.

▼ Yup, I would not want that in my eye.

▼ But just as things are about to get nasty,
a new character appears and the video ends on a cliffhanger.

Just who is the newcomer, and what special abilities can she employ to thwart the villain’s despicable plans?

We honestly can’t wait for the next episode, which is saying a lot considering it’s basically a glorified eye drops commercial. But judging from the extensive downtime between videos, that equally wacky anthropomorphized knife-wielding white blood cell anime might air before it comes out.

Source: YouTube/Santen Pharmaceutical Eye Drops via @press
Images: YouTube/Santen Pharmaceutical Eye Drops