eye drops

Protect your eyes with moon prism power with limited edition Sailor Moon eye drops

Collaborative eye drops from Rohto will enchant you with the magic of Sailor Moon!

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Onsen episode of anthropomorphized eye-drop anime girls is quite the eye-opener【Video】

We find out that Guardians of the Eye love to soak in salty tears.

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Eyedrops are kawaii! Medicine company creates anime of eyedrop ingredients as cute girls【Video】

“We are EYEDROPS! Sworn to protect planet Eye!”

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Hatsune Miku will protect your eyes from the dangers of staring at her for too long

Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly come out with any more Hatsune Miku merch…someone finds a way to get the teal-haired songstress’ face on yet another new product!

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Rohto to release eye drops containing sesame oil, netizens ask “why not Tabasco sauce?”

On 21 November, Japanese pharmaceutical company Rohto announced they will be releasing a line of eye drops which promise 60 percent the viscosity of regular drops. To retain the eyes tears and keep them moist longer, Rohto uses a combination of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, and sesame oil.

That last ingredient in particular, which is generally used in Asian cooking for its notably bold taste, has caught the attention of netizens in Japan drawing comments such as “My eyes! My eyes!”

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Woman Mistakes Nail Glue for Eye Drops, Accidently Glues Her Eye Shut

On the night of January 18, Li Mei Feng, a 22-year-old college student from Sichuan province, China, took a train with her sister to visit their family. As the train clattered down the tracks, Feng’s eyes began to feel dry after her hard day of studying. Fumbling through her bag on the crowded train, Feng grabbed what she thought were eye drops and proceeded to squeeze the tiny bottle into her eye. As soon as the liquid came in contact with her right eye, an intense burning pain overcame her. Feng then realized that she hadn’t used eye drops, she’d used super-adhesive nail glue!

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