Collaborative eye drops from Rohto will enchant you with the magic of Sailor Moon!

Non-prescription eye drops to prevent eye fatigue, redness, and dryness are hugely popular in Japan. Visitors stopping by at a drug store may be surprised by the wide choice of eye drops available, so much so that they may have a hard time knowing which product to choose.

But for a limited time starting June 22, Japanese pharmaceutical company Rohto will be offering a line of eye drops that’s sure to catch the eye among the numerous drops lined up on the shelves.

That’s right,  Rohto and the Sailor Moon franchise have collaborated to come up with some seriously attractive eye drops. So now you can keep your eyes fresh while lounging at the beach in your Sailor Moon bikini!

▼ You can see from the line-up that the beautifully designed eye drops
should instantly capture the hearts of Sailor Moon fans!

Let’s take a look at the items individually, shall we?

First we have two types of drops that come in an adorable heart-shaped container, the “Rohto Lycée b” and “Rohto Lycée Contact w“, both priced at 756 yen (US$7).

The Lycée b works for when you want to relieve redness in your eyes, and the Lycée Contact w is for use while wearing contacts to prevent eye dryness. If you look closely, the two items come with a different illustration on the container, but either way the pink heart-shaped design should be a delight to look at each time you use the drops!

There’s also the “Rohto Lycée Blanc” (1,296 yen) which comes with a very special case to hold the eye drop container.

The Lycée Blanc itself is a product to relieve eye fatigue, and the eye drop container is made in a pink Sailor Moon design, but the best part is that it comes with a special eye drop container case in the shape of the magical Crystal Star Compact!

The Lycée Blanc eye drop fits snugly into the Crystal Star Compact so that carrying around a bottle of eye drop has never been more fun or stylish!

▼ And for a bonus item that comes with the eye drop,
the compact looks surprisingly well-made.

There will also be three Sailor Moon collaborative items added to Rohto’s popular line of “Rohto C Cube” eye drops specifically for use with contacts.

▼ The “Rohto C Cube m” in pink, the “Rohto C Cube Cool” in blue and the
Rohto C Cube Ice Cool” in white are 594 yen each and prevent eye dryness.

The collaborative eye drops go on sale from June 22, but it looks like the “Rohto Lycée Contact w” is currently available for pre-order from Amazon Japan, so if you’re intent on getting your hands on one of these items, you may want to check the page out to see whether it ships to your address.

From the looks of these eye drops, there should be many Sailor Moon fans debating which one (or all of them) to buy come June 22, so you’ll want to get them before they sell out if you see them at supermarkets or drug stores. They’re the perfect shelf-decoration to go along with your Sailor Moon mid-transformation figurine.

Source: Press release, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 25th Anniversay project Official Site
Top image: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 25th Anniversay project Official Site
Insert images: Press release, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 25th Anniversay project Official Site

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