Panties and socks also part of the deal that’s made the book Amazon’s number-one best-seller in its category.

Japan is a country that loves to draw. With an robust animation and video game industry, the skills of professional-class illustrators are always in demand, and growing up in that environment means that the nation also has a huge population of student and amateur enthusiast artists, especially now that they can share their work online via social media.

Another thing that Japan loves is panties. So budding illustrators who already own, for instance, a book that teaches them how to draw a cop flipping over another cop will be happy to know that soon they’ll be able to buy an entire reference book for how to draw pantie shots and poses.

Preorders have begun for the Specialized Pantie Pose Collection-We Love Panties, So We Want to Draw Them ASAP, a new illustrator’s reference from Tokyo-based publisher Genkosha. And yes, it’s already leaped to number one on Amazon Japan’s sales chart for the art reference category.

▼ Helping readers with their hard, lengthy studies of perspective and anatomy.

It bears repeating that this isn’t just a bound collection of smutty photos (though, if so inclined, purchasers can easily use it in that manner). The 207-page tome contains a plethora of pantie poses featuring different styles of underwear, to help up-and-coming artists avoid pigeonholing their output into just one style of lower lingerie.

▼ While it’s not one of the standard myths about Japanese high schools, we should mention anyway that classrooms in Japan generally don’t have steel poles running through them.

▼ Aqua-and-white striped panties are naturally included, given their prominence in anime…

▼ …as are sock-inclusive poses, because Japanese fetishists are pretty unabashed.

If this is indeed the sort of book you’ve been waiting for (for artistic improvement purposes, of course), preorders can be placed here with Amazon Japan, which is selling Specialized Pantie Pose Collection-We Love Panties, so We Want to Draw them ASAP for 2,700 yen (US$25), with shipping scheduled for April 7.

Source: Otakomu
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