The special “mask discount” aims to support people suffering from colds and hay fever at this time of year.

Big international brands like Domino’s love thinking outside the box when entertaining the local market in Japan, coming up with all sorts of creative ideas like reindeer delivery bikes, Hatsune Miku collaborations, and romantic kabe-don delivery offers.

Now Domino’s is outdoing itself with another limited-time special, this time coinciding with the transitional period between winter and spring, when many people around Japan can be seen sporting face masks, either due to colds and flu or to protect themselves from pollen during hay fever season.

The new offer, called “Mask-wari” or “Mask Discount“, gives customers a 41-percent discount on all pizzas, as long as they meet one condition: they must be wearing a mask when they receive their order.

According to Domino’s, the idea for the unusual offer came about after they conducted a survey amongst 100 of their employees, asking them to indicate the reasons why they would wear a mask. The results showed the majority of responses (41 percent) pointed to hay fever as the number one reason for mask-wearing.

A second survey, asking employees what they most wanted to eat when suffering from hay fever, revealed that pizza was the most popular choice. This was all the data Domino’s needed to come up with their new discount deal – cheap pizza for mask wearers during the February/March spring hay fever season.

Given that stepping outdoors into the pollen-filled air can be a difficult task for pizza-loving hay fever sufferers, Domino’s has decided to limit their Mask Discount deal to online delivery orders only. This means that customers won’t have to head outside to get their pizzas, but to get the 41 percent discount, they will have to receive their delivery at the door while wearing a face mask.

The offer, which runs from 26 February to 11 March, can be taken up by entering the discount code QMK41 on the online ordering site. And if you’re thinking about taking part in the campaign, don’t forget that in Japan, the word “mask” refers to the white masks commonly worn by people to ward off colds and allergies, so don’t count on getting the discount if you answer the door in a mask with glowing, soul-sucking eyes like this one!

Source: PR Times
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