Decked out in a tight-fitting sailor uniform and shades, this singer shows he’s got what it takes to be as metal as the anime.

Cult hit anime Pop Team Epic follows the crazy adventures of schoolgirls Popuko and Pipimi, who routinely make fun of game and anime-related pop culture. It took Japan by storm when it made the jump from manga to anime, and some people even consider their hilarious visage the perfect way to flip ex-boyfriends off.

The opening theme of the anime is sung by Sumire Uesaka, and while it’s already a trippy upbeat song worthy of Pop Team Epic, one popular YouTuber gave it a heavy metal treatment and brought it to another sublime level.

▼ Here’s the original opening theme…

▼ …And here’s YouTuber Little V’s metal version. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Now I’m no fan of heavy metal music, but there’s something about Little V’s awesome video that keeps my eyes glued to the screen. Perhaps it’s the amazing, head-bangable guitar riffs or the jet black biker shades that fits the entire theme so well.

But most of all, it’s the image of a grown-up hairy man dressed in skin-tight sailor uniform that takes the cake.

▼ His swaying hips will make men blush.

Little V has done a stellar job of covering Pop Team Epic’s opening theme, instantly lifting Sumire’s electronic vibes to metal heaven. One can only hope that he’d team up in a dream collaboration with Japan’s Ladybeard someday, since the world really needs more headbanging to forget the problems of today’s troubled society.

Top image: YouTube/LittleVMills
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