Apparently the breakup wasn’t as mutual as he thought, man discovers when getting home-made Pop Team Epic chocolate.

Despite some high-profile criticism, Valentine’s Day was celebrated in Japan much like it is every year. Women gave fancy or earnestly home-made chocolate to their boyfriends, and less expensive store-bought varieties to their platonic male friends and coworkers.

But what do you give to your ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day? For most Japanese women, the answer would be nothing at all, but the ex-girlfriend of Japanese Twitter user @axl0thema_ryan still felt compelled to express her lingering feelings in chocolate form…even if such feelings seem to include a substantial dose of simmering resentment.

“I thought my ex-girlfriend and I had had an amicable breakup,” tweeted @axl0thema_ryan along with the chocolate he received from her, which she personally decorated with the stars of irreverent anime Pop Team Epic flipping the bird with each of their collective four middle fingers. While this is the most iconic pose of series stars Popuko and Pipimi, their extended digits are sometimes blurred out by a mosaic pattern, but @axl0thema_ryan let the birds fly free, while adding Japanese text saying “You really went and dumped me” in the top-left corner.

Adding even more emphasis is the fact that, according to @axl0thema_ryan, his ex-girlfriend wasn’t necessarily an artist, and didn’t regularly draw pictures or fan art. The impressive level of detail in her home-made chocolate impressed online commenters, however, who said:

“The level of detail in their hand and fingers is amazing. You can tell a lot of love went into them.”
“This is scary on a number of levels.”
“It’s startling with no mosaic.”
“You should get back together with her.”

Despite a number of commenters hoping this would rekindle the fires of passion between the pair, @axl0thema_ryan says he has no intention of reconciling with his old flame. He also admitted that it felt like a bit of a waste to eat something so visually enthralling, but “Hey, it’s chocolate, so I ate it, and it tasted good.” Finally, he added that she’s a good person and that he hopes she meets someone nice, so maybe next year she’ll be able to make some Valentine’s Day chocolate that’s sweet in taste and sentiment alike.

Source: Twitter/@axl0thema_ryan via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@axl0thema_ryan