Ambitious project aims to teleport delicious sushi right in front of you.

Ever since 3D printing became a thing, mankind has speculated if there’s a way to replicate food in both tastes and looks. After all, that piece of hyper realistic-looking chicken wing might as well be a piece of decoration if you can’t eat it, right?

And now Team Open Meals aims to use that technology to usher in a new era of experiencing food. The concept revolves around a sushi chef making a piece of mouthwatering sushi which gets scanned and subsequently replicated at another location using their revolutionary Pixel Food Printer.

▼ The future of food is here.

So how will it work? Scanning food is a relatively simple process, but recreating it is what the team is currently pouring all its efforts into.

Like its namesake, the Pixel Food Printer stacks tiny 5-millimeter cubes of colored, flavored gelatin in the shape of scanned food. Ultra-precision machinery ensures that all the cubes go to the right places.

▼ Here’s a video of an experiment using acrylic cubes.

▼ With professional showmanship coursing through its wires,
the robot flourishes a cube for audiences to examine.

After assembling the acrylic pixel sushi, the incredibly polite robot sets down a mock cup of green tea and gives the dish a gentle push towards the customer before giving one last bow.

What a courteous machine! Why, if I had a robot child, I would send it to Team Open Meals for education without a second thought.

▼ Unfortunately, the slippery texture of actual gelatin cubes
is a bit of a challenge for the machine.

Sure it may feel like you’re munching a bunch of cubes right now, but the team hopes to one day shrink the cubes to 3 millimeter and 1 millimeter sizes for more accurate reproduction.

Although it seems like a page out of a science fiction novel, perhaps one day humankind will be able to print out delicious pizzas or delectable desserts shared on social media.

Japan is already a master at duplicating food in plastic form, and with Team Open Meals spearheading their ambitious projects, such futuristic dreams could very well turn into reality.

Source: OPEN MEALS, FOOD BASE, ウェブ電通報
Images: YouTube/Team Open Meals

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