3-D Printing

3-D printing a house in less than 24 hours — Japanese company meets its goal

Sphere micro-houses will cost about as much as a compact car, designers say.

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Japanese high school student builds giant, moving Gundam robot in his free time【Video】

And this amazing Zaku II isn’t the only awesome 3-D anime fan art he’s made.

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New limited-edition 3-D printed Japanese sweets designed with weather data now available in Tokyo

This is a one-of-a-kind sweet that you’ll never be able to get anywhere else, for a limited time only!

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Cool food data transmission project scans real food and “prints” them onto your plate【Video】

Ambitious project aims to teleport delicious sushi right in front of you.

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Pokéball Aimer 3-D printed iPhone case makes news among Pokémon Go Trainers in Japan

With data for making the 3-D case available online, now everyone can get a little help with making the perfect throw.

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Hang a Japanese city on your wall with these amazingly detailed 3-D printed maps

These beautiful scaled dioramas let you walk the streets of Tokyo or Hiroshima again and again.

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Japanese company’s 3-D printed. disembodied faces and hands are both amazing and disturbing

Relax, no tiny people were dismembered in the making of this article.

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Exciting promotional campaign offers chance to win horrifying cat figure

When it comes to science fiction technology made real, 3-D printing is one of the most exciting. While we might all say we wish we had jet packs, the fact is that 3-D printing had 96.6 percent fewer leg burn injuries in a direct comparison that we just made up and is totally not real. But putting fake statistics aside, 3-D printing not only enables for cheap, efficient manufacturing, it also allows us to make figures out of nearly anything we want with little more than photos and some software.

And to prove it, Ima Topic and DMM.make, the web-based 3-D printing division of web-retailer/video-on-demand company DMM, are offering what can only be described as a horribly awesome campaign: A chance to win a figure of Setsu, the gorgeous, blue-eyed house cat who looks like roadkill when she sleeps. This is one contest you will almost certainly regret winning!

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Idol Aimi Sekiguchi recreates One Piece’s the Going Merry with a 3Doodler, blows our minds

As the technology grows, 3-D printing is starting to really come into its own. You can make nearly anything with it–from spaceship engines to incredibly ugly pistols. And while it’s still going through growing pains, the appearance of the 3Doodler, a handheld 3-D printing “pen,” signals that we might not be far from Star Trek-like replicators and holodecks. Okay, maybe that you won’t be able to go swashbuckling with Riker any time soon, but you might be able to join Luffy and the rest of the One Piece gang!

While many people were understandably skeptical of the 3Doodler, this video by Aimi Sekiguchi shows just what the device is capable of…and it’s quite a lot actually. Watch as she builds the entire Going Merry ship in miniature!

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3-D printing in the palm of your hand! The 3Doodler comes to Japan

Of all the new technologies currently emerging, 3-D printing seems to be the one with the most potential. Though you still can’t download and print a car, the applications for a well-designed and properly calibrated three dimensional printer are seemingly endless!

We’ve previously told you about a Japanese company that will turn your child’s doodles into 3-D works of art, but there’s a new product on the market that lets you skip the initial doodling and go straight to literally drawing in the air. Cleverly named the 3Doodler, the “3D Printing Pen,” as described by its Kickstarter page, completed funding in March of last year and is coming soon to the shores of Japan!

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Bring your child’s imagination to life: 3-D printed figures of children’s drawings are awesome!

3-D printing is bringing us a whole new world of possibilities, from fetus replicas to Link’s adventuring weapons, and while the technology is still in development, it often seems like there’s nothing a MakerBot can’t make out of thin air.

But here’s something you probably had no idea a 3-D printer could do: Bring children’s imaginations to life.

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It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take this! 3-D Printing Zelda Equipment

Becoming obsessed with The Legend of Zelda after getting it as a birthday present at the age of six, one fan has found a way to bring items from the game into the real world.

How, you ask with images of magical blacksmiths dancing in your head. Simple: 3-D printing!

This fan, who documents the creations at the incredible blog Hyrule Founder, recreated the 8-bit items as 3-D, digital models and printed them with a high-quality 3-D printer. Read More