This is the fastest and easiest way to make sushi we’ve ever seen.

With such few ingredients—rice, raw fish and sushi vinegar—making a simple piece of sushi sounds easy in theory. In practice, however, moulding the rice into even shapes is a task that requires time, patience and a pair of skilled, wet, rice-covered hands.

But Japanese twitter user @gonnakill_uta has come with an easy solution to the problem that’s surprising everyone, and all that’s needed is an ice cube tray.

Step 1. Pack the prepared sushi rice into the ice cube tray.


Step 2. Turn the tray over onto a bamboo sushi mat and give it a good whack.


Instantly, you’ve got more than a dozen pieces of evenly-shaped rice!


Step 3. Pop your preferred raw fish slices on top and you’ve just made sushi! With a few more trays, you can make enough for a platter to enjoy with friends and family.


It’s so simple we can’t believe we didn’t think of it!

In Japan, raw fish slices for sushi come in ready-made packs at supermarkets. Using them with freshly made rice makes them taste a lot better than store-bought pieces of sushi, and when it’s this easy to do at home, we’ll be making them again and again!

Source: Curazy
Images: Twitter/@gonnakill_uta