Powerful pillow takes sexy cushions beyond the realm of busty anime girls.

Last month, we took a look at one of the latest innovations in Japanese huggy pillows: breast implants to give your anime crush a 3-D bust. But what if the chest you long to snuggle up against isn’t a pair of bulbous boobs, but muscularly masculine pronounced pecs?

That problem has recently been solved by Shirane, a recent graduate of Tokyo’s Ochanomizu Institute of Art. As part of her graduation project, Shirane crafted a cushion modeled after a male torso that’s as tautly toned as it is perfectly hairless.

During her pre-graduation exhibition, guests told Shirane time and time again that they’d love to purchase one for themselves. Brand-new art school graduates aren’t usually flush with cash, though, and so Shirane has launched a crowdfunding campaign on website Motion Gallery. She’s dubbed the product the “Oppai Pillow,” but instead of writing oppai all in phonetic hiragana, by which it would mean “[woman’s] boobs,” she’s instead written it with the kanji 雄, ordinarily read osu, and meaning “male.”

While promotional photos show the user lovingly massaging the pillow’s chest and lying against its six-pack abs, Shirane bills the cushion as an iyashi item, something to heal emotional distress and soothe the soul. Surprisingly, Shirane doesn’t mention what materials are used for the cushion’s shell or stuffing, so it’s a mystery as to where exactly the cushion will fall on the scale between feather-pillow soft and bodybuilder-pectoral firm.

The crowdfunding campaign was originally seeking 450,000 yen (US$4,200), but even with more than 50 days remaining, it’s already blown well past that, meaning that the pillow is now essentially a straight purchase for backers. 10,000 yen (US$93) gets you a muscle pillow of your very own, and pledges can be made here, with delivery scheduled for October.

Source: Motion Gallery via Anime News Network/Lynzee Loveridge, Nijimen
Top image: Motion Gallery

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