Because there’s nothing like sleeping with your face buried in a butt crack.

In Japan, pillows have been known to come in all shapes and sizes, with everything from oversized twintails to a cotton wife and sexy daikon available to keep you warm and comfortable.

So it’s a bit of a surprise to find that the country’s latest huggy pillow sensation doesn’t come from Japan at all. Instead, it’s designed by an American called Jia, a self-proclaimed “fan of butts” who came up with the idea for a life-sized bottom pillow when he was missing his girlfriend one night and longed to place his hand on her butt as he drifted off to sleep.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign saw the Buttress Pillow put into production in the U.S., Jia is now bringing the Buttress to Japan, and judging by the wild reaction it’s received, this is the pillow everyone’s been waiting for.

“Rather than a lap pillow, a butt pillow!”

Japan is no stranger to lap pillows, which are handy for recreating romantic head-in-lap anime scenes, but now it’s time for the rear side to get some love and attention.

The Buttress Pillow is entering the Japanese market via a crowdfunding campaign on local crowdfunding site Kibidango. And it’s clear that people in Japan need the Buttress in their lives, as the company has already smashed its 500,000-yen (US$4,405.50) crowdfunding goal by 259 percent, raising 1,295,650 yen ($11,413.58) in funds to put the butt pillow into production.

▼ Does that mean people will soon be napping like this on their desks at the office?

While the Buttress Pillow doesn’t take itself too seriously, a serious amount of time and consideration has gone into ensuring its quality and comfort. The butt’s ergonomic design means you’ll get a good night’s sleep on it, regardless of whether you’re a back-sleeper, side-sleeper, or crack-in-the-face sleeper

The Buttress doesn’t have to be confined to the bedroom though, as it can be used in a number of scenarios, including being admired as a work of art.

▼ According to Jia, one of his friends calls it her new teddy bear.

▼ The Buttress is said to be “perfect”, with its combination of butt, features, and comfort.

The pillow is made from natural latex, making it safe and long-lasting, while adding a realistic firmness to the product as well.

▼ This video shows the butt’s weight and texture.

While a number of reward tiers have already sold out, there are still pillows available for a reduced price of 11,900 yen each, which is 15 percent off the retail price of 13,980 yen. Each order will be delivered in a box that includes: one Buttress Pillow, a Pillow Cover, a washable Mini Buttress Pillow key holder, and a Buttress logo sticker.

While the pillow cover that comes with the Buttress is designed to resemble a pair of yoga pants, there are plenty of options for customising the butt to suit your own personal preferences. In our opinion, all it needs is a panty pillowcase.

Source: Kibidango/Buttress Pillow事務局 via Net Lab
Images: Kibidango/Buttress Pillow事務局