You can look, but you can’t smell.

Japanese adult video actress Kana Momonogi has the slender build you’d expect of someone in her line of work.

However, when the 21-year-old Tokyo native isn’t making love on camera, she’s often showing off her love of food, giving the phrase “food porn” a new meaning.

And it’s not like Momonogi is only interested in dainty fruit slices. She often posts pictures of herself about to dig into hearty meals, like spam musubi and whipped cream-laden Hawaiian-style pancakes.

So during a recent ride on the Shinkansen, it’s no surprise that Momonogi found herself feeling a bit peckish. Seeking to satisfy her cravings, she decided to munch on a steamed pork bun from Osaka’s 551 Horai, one of the most popular souvenirs travelers bring back from Japan’s central Kansai region.

Unfortunately, 551 Horai finds itself at the center of a controversy, as some are saying that eating the pungent pork pockets while aboard the bullet train is a nuisance to other passengers. However, as the star of such uninhibitedly titled films as Pour the Men on Me, Booby Booby Fetish Maniacs First Shaving, and Supplication of Bondage Torture-Mad Masochist Young Bride Bondage Begins, Momonogi wasn’t in the mood for restraint (well, we suppose that last film does have something to do with restraint, but not of the “don’t eat what you want to” variety).

So Momonogi decided to sidestep the faux pas of eating 551 Horai pork buns in an enclosed space by creating an even more enclosed space.

Placing a plastic sheet over her upper body, Momonogi opened up her box of pork buns and started munching away, wrapped in a personal bubble of gastronomic freedom that was no doubt filled with the aroma of meat, dough, and seasonings.

However, if that sheet is keeping the smell of the pork buns from getting out, it’s probably also preventing much oxygen from getting in. While Momonogi ostensibly had a friend or assistant close by during her plastic-wrapped meal (someone had to take the pictures, after all), we’d like to take this opportunity to remind all of our readers not to try this at home. That goes double for any of you who are young kids…actually, make that triple, because you definitely don’t want to have to tell your parents “I was just copying what a Japanese porn star did” when they have to rescue you.

Source: Twitter/@Kana_Momonogi via IT Media

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