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This year, the sakura cherry blossoms are scheduled to start appearing in Japan as early as March 20 and will slowly move their way north as the country begins to thaw after a particularly snowy winter. Just one day after the appearance of the actual blossoms, McDonald’s will release a spring-inspired burger that takes a cue from the very sakura that Japan is so famous for. But with a pink-colored bun and sakura mayonnaise sauce, it’s unclear if the odd combination will be as well received as cherry blossoms and beer.

Officially called “Sakura Teritama,” the burger is filled with a fried egg, ginger teriyaki pork patty, lettuce and sakura daikon radish mayonnaise sauce. Oh, and don’t forget the pink bun!

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McDonald’s Japan will also be selling a Sakura Cherry soda or float and will decorate each store with cherry blossom decorations.

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So if winter in Japan has got you down, turn to your local McDonald’s for a bit of a spring pick-me-up!

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Source: NariNari
Images: McDonald’s Japan (1, 2)