Surprisingly large number also say they relax at home in the nude.

Japan is unabashedly fond of fashion and sexiness, and those twin passions produce an extraordinary amount of interesting bra designs. We’ve seen designers take inspiration from anime such as Sailor Moon and Evangelion, and incorporate such motifs as bunny rabbits and the signs of the Zodiac.

But as impressive as all that creativity may be, according to one survey a large number of Japanese women don’t feel the need for it at home. Between March 14 and April 27, internet portal J-Cast News asked women whether or not they wore a bra at home, collecting 4,311 responses and finding that less than half of the women polled always wear undergarments on top.

▼ Actress Manami Hashimoto was among the respondents who said she doesn’t wear a bra at home.

45 percent of the survey respondents said they always take off their bra when at home, with another 11.4 percent saying they sometimes do. Researchers didn’t ask for reasons why, but the greater comfort of being liberated from restrictive wires and straps seems like the obvious impetus.

▼ Actress and media personality Rina Kawaei, formerly of idol singer supergroup AKB48, also replied to the survey as part of the “no bra at home” demographic.

These statistic are sure to set some men’s minds to fantasizing about 50-plus percent of Japan’s at-home breasts swaying free and easy like hammocks in the breeze. However, it’s also worth noting that in the same survey, 10.6 percent of the women polled said that when they’re relaxing at home, they do so completely naked. While some people do indeed enjoy watching TV, surfing the Internet, or partaking in other domestic leisure activities in the nude, one-in-ten women doing so seems like an unusually high ratio, and it’s possible that the survey’s large number of women who don’t wear a bra at home is simply a byproduct of the group of women who responded being less fond of clothing in general than the rest of society.

Source: @nifty News via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso