After catching eyes through crowdfunding campaign, you can now buy this leporine lingerie outright.

The great thing about crowdfunding is that it directly connects creative visionaries with consumers, allowing for the production of items that cater to very specific tastes. On the downside, though, crowdfunding carries a bit of risk. Any funds you pledge are tied up in limbo while the campaign is still going on, and so even if your money is returned should the project meet its goal, in the meantime you’ve lost you chance to use that money to support the creation of, say, Shinto shrine maiden-style swimsuits, or dress shirts specifically tailored for large-breasted women.

So as intriguing as the design of Japanese fashion label Mocolle’s Bunny Lingerie was when it was unveiled last autumn, some people may have been hesitant to jump into its crowdfunding campaign. Now, though, the leporine lingerie is for sale by conventional means through novelty retailer Village Vanguard.

▼ While not the official spokesmodel, model Airi is an early adopter of the rabbit lingerie.

Village Vanguard has begun taking orders through its online store for the set, which bundles the bra and panties with a collar, loop-on necktie, snap-on cuffs, and a pair of bunny ears.

▼ The company is vague on whether or not the fishnet stocking worn by spokesmodel Moe Iori are part of the bundle.

Village Vanguard also gives some additional background information regarding how the set was conceived. According to its product description, Mocolle’s employees were playing a video game which included a scene in a casino where a female employee was dressed in a skimpy bunny girl outfit. Wanting to see such fashion in real life, they hopped on a plane for Las Vegas where they were startled and sad to learn that in America, cocktail waitresses generally don’t dress in Playboy bunny costumes, and so they returned to Japan with a newly formed determination to create the sexy bunny outfit of their dreams via the talents of designer and cosplayer Senki.

▼ The set’s initial concept art showed red and blue versions, but for now black is the only available color.

The Rabbit Lingerie can be ordered here from Village Vanguard, price at 8,950 yen (US$80).

Source: Village Vanguard via IT Media
Images: Village Vanguard