Respondents sound off on the big differences caused by having a small chest.

While Japan’s attention is regularly captivated by large breasts, it’s not like the entire nation is filled with nothing but extra-chesty women. Despite Japan’s average bust size getting progressively larger, plenty of women are still petitely chested, and survey site Goo Ranking recently asked users to chime in on what life is like when you have what Japan calls hinnyu, literally “impoverished breasts.”

A total of 1,343 responses were collected, so let’s take a look at the top 10.

10. It’s really easy for me to fit things into my shirt pocket. (35 responses)

Breast size and breast pocket utility have an inverse relation.

9. It’s hard for me to fill out the cups on a T-shirt bra. (39 responses)

Fashion woes featured commonly in the top 10, as we’ll see as the list goes on.

8. If I smoosh my breasts together…they still aren’t that big. (46 responses)

7. I can’t wear tube tops or off-shoulder tops, because I’m afraid they’ll slip down. (52 responses)

6. Even if I jump or run, they don’t bounce. (55 responses)

5. If I wear a bra with thick pads, it’s like there’s another dimension between the bra and my breasts. (56 responses)

Many Japanese bras, particularly those aimed at young women, come standard with removable pads that fit inside the cups. While the intent is to provide a bustier outward appearance, past a certain breast/pad ratio it can start to feel a little unnatural for the wearer.

4. I never get stiff shoulders. (64 responses)

3. There really aren’t any bras that fit me. (71 responses)

While it’s true that clothing options tend to diminish anytime you move away from the median body type, there are some Japanese designers who’re putting their creative energies to use expanding the selection of lingerie for small-breasted women.

2. Just because I have small breasts doesn’t mean I have a slim build. (79 responses)

1. When I lay on my back, it’s like my breasts disappear. (139 responses)

Any woman is going to look less busty lying on her back, but for those who’re starting with a smaller amount of bustiness to begin with, there’s a possibility of being left with virtually none. This is just physics at work, though, and isn’t something that can really be counteracted, except perhaps with optical illusions.

Source: Goo Ranking via Otakomu
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