Petamune Maker promises to give your chest petamune.

Japanese company Grand Bleu’s Hadakakushi division primarily sells adhesive patches and sleeves to obscure tattoos, scars, and rashes, which makes sense when you consider that Hadakakushi literally means “hiding skin.” That’s not the only thing that the brand is interested in hiding, though.

Hadakakushi’s new Petamune Maker Light bra is designed to alter the visible size of the wearer’s breasts. But while some would argue that “bigger is better” when talking about women’s busts, the Petamune Maker Light is for those of the opposite opinion, as it’s designed to flatten the chest instead.

▼ Again, Petamune Maker Light is a logical name, since “petamune” translates as “flat breasts.”

▼ Hadakakushi claims the bra will render breasts in cup sizes between B and H “almost entirely flat.”

Hadakakushi specifically recommends the breast-diminishing bra for female cosplayers who want to cosplay as male characters, but it also says the undergarment is a viable option for women whose ample endowments limit their clothing options, fitness-minded ladies who want to reduce the amount of pectoral swaying or bouncing during jogging or other exercise, or those who simply want to avoid attention directed at their non-concealed breasts, as portrayed within the bra’s promotional manga.

“It’s here!”
“It’s not tight or uncomfortable at all!”

“It feels so nice! I don’t have to worry about whether or not people are looking at my chest,
and I can fit into whatever clothing I want. I’m so happy!”

“What’s wrong?”
“The breast-reducing bra I bought is so tight!”
“The one I’m wearing is great ♡.”
“Maybe I should buy one too…”

The comfortable features alluded to in the manga include stretch fabric that ensures a proper fit without feeling constricting, as well as breathable mesh to make the bra well-ventilated even during Japan’s hot, humid summer.

The Petamune Maker Light is being offered here through Hadakakushi’s online shop for 2,980 yen (US$27). Meanwhile, if you find yourself wishing for visibly larger breasts for cosplay or other purposes, these items are here to help.

Source: Hadakakushi via PR Times
Images: Hadakakushi
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