Combined with a healthier diet and more exercise, she couldn’t be happier about the changes.

Cosplay is all about making yourself look like someone else. With that understanding, you’re probably not so shocked to learn that cosplayer and Twitter user @meiji1111111 doesn’t naturally look like she does in her photos.

It’s not just props like fox ears and wigs that contribute to @meiji1111111’s transformation, though. Nor are makeup and colored contacts the only remaining reasons for her carefully created looks.

▼ @meiji1111111 dressed as Idolmaster’s Shiki Ichinose

@meiji1111111 has recently been openly tweeting about the extensive cosmetic surgery she’s had done, saying the total bill so far comes to a little over seven million yen (US$64,200). Unlike some other cosplayers, @meiji1111111 wasn’t trying to replicate the face of any specific character, but simply obtain the facial features she finds desirable, which also happen to mesh with the current era’s “it” look for cosplayers and otaku-oriented models.

She now describes her face as “currently on Version 3,” but shared this snapshot of how she looked before having any work done.

▼ So we guess that would make this “Version 1.”

▼ Before/after shots…

▼ …and a pair of time-lapse series showing how @meiji1111111 looked pre-surgery, after two weeks, after a month, and after two months of operations.

@meiji1111111 acknowledges that not everyone approves of cosmetic surgery. However, she contends that instead of spending a lifetime feeling like she’s homely, taking advantage of the opportunity to change her appearance has given her confidence. “It’s not so much that I ‘fixed my face,’” she muses, “but that I ‘purchased confidence.’”

@meiji1111111 isn’t relying solely on surgery, either. She also started a new diet and fitness strategy, and between lots of salads, soup, and yogurt, plus daily exercise, she’s lost 12 kilograms (26.4 pounds).

Overall, @meiji1111111 seems to be very happy with the changes, so while her cosmetic surgery bill is certainly eye-popping, if her eye-catching looks are giving her the priceless benefit of self-confidence, it’s no doubt money well spent in her mind.

Source: Twitter/@meiji1111111 via Jin