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Final results: Here’s what Seiji’s balding head looks like one year after hair transplant surgery

Now you can finally find out if his hair transplant surgery worked!

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Free treatment for Kyoto Animation arson burn victims offered by Japan’s leading cosmetic surgeon

Doctor offered similar philanthropy following previous national disaster.

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Seven million yen in cosmetic surgery later, Japanese coplayer looks completely different

Combined with a healthier diet and more exercise, she couldn’t be happier about the changes.

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Half-Chinese woman undergoes extensive cosmetic surgery to become the next living Barbie doll

Born from the need to raise her self-esteem, this woman turned to plastic surgery to look more Caucasian.

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Japan’s cosplaying Twin Idols look exactly alike, but not entirely because of their DNA

Even for identical twins, keeping up the resemblance sometimes requires a little help, especially when one of you makes a big change.

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Cosmetic surgery is the norm in the K-pop world, but not for these four vocalists.

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Pikachu goes under the knife at South Korean cosmetic surgery clinic, with freaky results

Would Pikachu look better with epicanthic eye folds? This South Korean clinic seems to think so.

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Warning: The story we are about to tell may not be suitable for the weak-stomached, but if you or someone you know is considering this type of procedure it would be wise to know the risks involved.

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Tokyo clinic’s Cinderella Breast Augmentation will boost your bust, but only for a single day

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, right? It’s a classic tale of a young woman who’s transformed into the most enchanting lady in the kingdom when her fairy godmother shows up and gives her a beautiful dress, loose-fitting footwear, and a pair of shapely, ample breasts.

Wait, that last part actually isn’t in the traditional version of the fairy tale. Nevertheless, one Tokyo-based cosmetic surgery clinic is offering something it calls the Cinderella Breast Augmentation procedure, which can increase your bust size by up to one and a half cups. But just like Cinderella’s magic ended at the stroke of midnight, so too do your breasts return to their normal size the next day.

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Did South Korean cutie DJ Soda get plastic surgery after high school? Some fans think so

These days, it’s not really out of the question to think that people, especially young Korean women, may have had plastic surgery at some point. Really, it’s almost becoming the norm in some places. However, we’d like to think that there are still plenty of natural beauties out there too.

Recently, some photos surfaced on the Internet that are supposedly the high school photos of the South Korean beauty, DJ Soda. While normally one might think, “Wow, she really grew up!”, thanks to the cosmetic surgery culture in South Korea, people are saying, “Hey, wait a minute, did she get work done?”

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Spot the difference: This gif of Miss Korea candidates is pretty much what we were expecting

It’s probably common knowledge by now that South Korea is one of, if not the most, cosmetic surgery-obsessed countries in the world. It’s a topic that has been touched on pretty regularly here on RocketNews24; last year alone we brought you news of a Korean clinic that makes art out of patients’ jawbones, a girl who underwent an enormous amount of plastic surgery to turn herself into Miranda Kerr, and a Korean reporter who changed her looks so drastically that many were left aghast.

Korean cosmetic surgery, on the whole, is geared towards achieving a standardised set of features that are considered beautiful. And while the entries for Miss Korea may or may not have had a little bit of work done at some point, it’s startling how similar they all look in their competition portraits.

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Korean cosmetic surgery show treats two Thai women to free procedures

Yeah, yeah, here comes another article about plastic surgery in South Korea. But this time there’s an international twist to it–the story is about two Thai women who received plastic surgery on a Korean TV program.

As reported by Coconuts Bangkok, the September 4 episode of Korean show Let Me In featured a pair of Thai women who received several cosmetic surgery treatments for free and which followed the entire surgerical process from start to finish. The women’s transformed faces were revealed to the public for the first time at the end of the episode. How do you think their procedures turned out?

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Waiting for beauty: Photographer Ji Yeo shines a light on women recovering from cosmetic surgery

We’ve featured so many “before and after” cosmetic surgery photo collections here on RocketNews24 that I’m personally starting to lose count. And yet there’s something so undeniably compelling about images of the selfsame people looking markedly different after going under the knife that it’s hard not to look.

Rather than comparing pre and post-surgery photos, though, today we’d like to share with you a collection of images from acclaimed photographer Ji Yeo, which focus solely on the painful, decidedly lonely period that occurs between the two. Yeo’s “Beauty Room Recovery” collection shows a handful of South Korean women who have opted to change their bodies through surgery and, after waking up bandaged and sore, begin the process of recovery and transition into the version of themselves that they have long wanted to be.

Join us after the jump to check out these haunting, intimate images.

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“Ugly” South Korean woman goes from “Old Lady Face” to “Dream Girl” with help of cosmetic surgery

Le sigh… Sorry guys, it’s time for yet another South Korean tale of cosmetic surgery woes. I know I write way too much about South Korea’s penchant for cosmetic surgery and how things can turn towards the uncanny valley a little too quickly. I know you guys wish I’d just get off the topic because it’s depressing.

Wait… What? WAIT WHAT?! There’s a person who got serious cosmetic surgery and it actually worked out really well?!

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The latest selfie trend involves wedding bling and “perfect” hands that cost $1,200

It seems that the road to perfecting a selfie doesn’t stop at getting a perfect angle or perfect face. There is a rising trend among brides-to-be to cosmetically enhance their hands for that perfect “I said YES! And btw, check out my sparkly diamond ring!” photo update. 

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Here comes a new challenger: Will Brazilian “human Ken doll” ascend to the doll people throne?

A Brazilian cosmetic surgery addict admits that he has spent around US$150,000 chasing the dream of looking like a Ken doll come to life.

Rodrigo Alves, who recently acknowledged that he suffers from body dysmorphia and is seeking therapy, says he’s undergone around 20 separate surgeries to achieve his goal. Just some of the operations included: arm fillers and pectoral implants, ab implants, calf reshaping, numerous nose jobs, botox injections and several rounds of liposuction. Presumably he also paid good money on eye surgery to get that perfect Ken doll “soulless gaze.”

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“Eiffel Tower nose” cosmetic surgery inexplicably trending in China

This sentence is a mouthful: According to Japanese media, Chinese media is reporting that, according to German media, Chinese kids are getting a strange cosmetic surgery known as “Eiffel Tower nose” in record numbers in order to get ahead in their careers.

Despite the fact that we have no idea what “Eiffel Tower nose” is, it is apparently a surgery so extreme that some Chinese college graduates feel it helps set them apart visually from others in the job race.

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Renowned Japanese cosmetic surgeon comes out with … totally funky stationery!

The subject of plastic surgery has come up in a number of our past articles, but did you know there’s a certain cosmetic surgeon here in Japan who is practically a national celebrity? If you’ve spent some time in Japan, you may have heard of Dr. Katsuya Takasu, known for his chain of clinics for cosmetic procedures, the Takasu Clinic.  Although he’s strictly a cosmetic surgeon by profession and not a media personality or entertainer, his face and name are recognizable to virtually everyone in Japan, thanks in large part to a series of unique ads that have aired on TV over the years.

Well, it now seems the good doctor will be coming out with some goods that have nothing to do with plastic surgery, but still boldly feature pictures of himself, and the sheer visual impact of these goods have definitely caught the attention of Japanese netizens. But don’t take our word for it, see the pictures yourself!

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Limb-lengthening surgery becoming increasingly popular in Korea despite inherent dangers

Too fat; too tall; too hairy; too bald; can’t vend Snickers bars from our foreheads–we humans are seemingly never happy with our bodies. For many these hangups stem from a simple lack self-esteem, but over the years cosmetic surgery has grown to become a multi-million-dollar industry, with more than 15 million people choosing to have work done in 2011 alone.

We’ve shown you the horrors of plastic surgery on more than one occasion, but this latest story sends shivers down our spine. According to Japan’s Livedoor News, more young Koreans than ever are opting for costly and painful limb-lengthening surgery, despite the fact that five in six who underwent the procedure at one particular hospital met with complications, and some have lost the ability to walk entirely.

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