When Mom is a professional-level illustrator, mother/daughter art projects can be truly incredible.

When parents are particularly passionate about something, sometimes that rubs off on their kids, and that seems to be the case with Japanese Twitter user @oooHiNaTaooo. Her daughter, who’s now in the sixth grade, likes drawing pictures, a hobby she probably got into thanks to her mother, who also has a knack for art.

Recently, @oooHiNaTaooo’s daughter dug up a drawing she’d done two years ago of a brightly colored pair of anime-style magical girls, one with a set of angel wings, and the other with more devilish, though still cute, appendages. While it’s an impressive piece of artwork for such a young child, @oooHiNaTaooo’s daughter wasn’t quite satisfied with it, and asked her mom to redraw the pair in her own style, a request @oooHiNaTaooo was happy to oblige.

▼ @oooHiNaTaooo daughter’s drawing

But @oooHiNaTaooo didn’t stop at just retouching the coloring and line work. Instead, she took her daughter’s designs and transformed them into an extremely polished piece of artwork that wouldn’t look at all out of place on the cover or title card of a brand-new high-profile anime series.

▼ Mom’s reimagining

See, while @oooHiNaTaooo spends most of her time as a housewife, she also occasionally takes on illustration and artwork assistance freelance jobs. So when her daughter asked for a reworking of her characters, she wasn’t just making the request of her mom, but of a professional, and so she got professional-grade results.

The amazing transformation quickly won @oooHiNaTaooo fame on Twitter after she tweeted the drawings, earning over 100,000 likes so far. And it’s not just @oooHiNaTaooo illustration that people have been gushing over, as many have also expressed how surprised they are by her daughter’s talents as well.

While @oooHiNaTaooo’s daughter occasionally asks her to draw pictures of existing anime characters for her, the two girls seen here are original designs that came from the young girl’s imagination, and she specifically said she wanted them to be drawn in her mom’s personal artistic style, as opposed to taking cues from any other anime artists. @oooHiNaTaooo says she was touched that her daughter expressed such admiration for her illustrations, and with all the attention this mother/daughter art project (which reminds us of this father/sons collaboration) has been getting, we imagine she’ll be getting more requests from paying clients too.

Source: Twitter/@oooHiNaTaooo via Togech
Images: Twitter/@oooHiNaTaooo

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