But given Mom’s past cosplay skills, maybe she should have seen this coming.

At some point when I was growing up, my parents (quite understandably) got tired of trying to drag me out of bed in the morning. So they bought me an alarm clock, and from then on I was on my own as far as waking up and getting ready for school.

Japanese Twitter user @mew_xxx_6’s mom, however, is much more patient, and still personally wakes her daughter up in the morning if she’s in danger of oversleeping. That sounds nice and sweet, until you learn that on Tuesday, the loving mother suddenly came into @mew_xxx_6’s room dressed like this.

“I usually have a really hard time getting up in the morning,” tweeted @mew_xxx_6 with the photo, “but even I jumped right out of bed when I saw this.”

Yes, rather than welcoming her daughter to a new day wearing a motherly apron and a warm smile, @mew_xxx_6’s mom burst into her bedchamber in full cosplay mode, dressed as Crazy Diamond, one of the ghostly Stand manifestations of power from anime/manga Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. @mew_xxx_6 doesn’t mention whether or not her mom skipped the traditional “Good morning” in order to awaken her with Crazy Diamond’s Stand Cry of “Dorarara!” (this is the franchise with anime’s most creative sound effects, after all), but she does say that her mom spent roughly three months putting the costume together, apparently without @mew_xxx_6 knowing about it.

The unorthodox otaku parenting technique was widely praised online, with comments including:

“Crazy Dia-mom.”
“Well, at least your mom seems recognize that she is indeed crazy.”
“Your mom is simply too wonderful!”
“She has an awesome sense of humor.”
“Wait, she put all that together in just three months? That’s super-fast, and the result looks so good!”
“I bet you never knew you were actually a Stand user.”
“I would have screamed my head off when I saw that.”

In regards to those last two comments, though, perhaps @mew_xxx_6 should always be on guard for her mom to suddenly appear in ridiculously well-made anime attire. For example, here are a pair of snapshots of the anime-loving mother from the Nihonbashi Street Festa in 2015, when she wore such an amazing Spirited Away Yubaba costume that we think they should hire her to greet guests at the new Studio Ghibli exhibition that’s opening in Tokyo.


Oh, and costuming isn’t her only talent, as she’s also able to draw pictures of food that’re so realistic and mouth-watering in appearance that we’re tempted to start chewing on our screen.

Of course, there’s no way @mew_xxx_6’s mom went to the trouble of putting together that Jojo’s costume just to wake her daughter up one time, so odds are she’ll be slipping it on again for some sort of fan event in the near future. In the meantime, shine on, you crazy otaku mom.

Source: Twitter/@mew_xxx_6 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@mew_xxx_6

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