Could this letter from 67 years in the future be the real thing?

Handwritten letters have a certain kind of fascinating charm to them, and receiving one does wonders to one’s spirits, even if it’s from yourself from a not-too-distant past.

But the reverse has happened to a NASA jet propulsion laboratory systems engineer recently when he explored a quiet section of a university library. Walking past some disused library card cabinets, an unexplainable urge prompted him to pull open a random drawer.

▼ Among all the drawers there, the first one he opened
contained a handwritten piece of paper. (Translation below)

“At a university library, I opened the drawer to a card catalog that isn’t being used anymore. I just decided to open one up, and there was this piece of paper inside that read: ‘If you are reading this, it is proof time travel exists. 4/4/2085.’ It’s a letter from April 4, 2085. This feels like the beginning of a movie.”

The engineer was stunned. Not only was there a note hidden in the first drawer he opened, it came from 67 years in the future, meant for his eyes alone. Could it be that the library card cabinets contained other messages from other timelines?

He wasn’t about to rummage through what must have been hundreds of drawers like a madman, and since there was a phone number scribbled onto the note anyway, he felt compelled to contact the sender.

“I sent a text to the telephone number and got this reply. This is amazing!” 

Despite several attempts at coaxing more information out of the visitor from the future, that cryptic reply was the only one the engineer received.

Disappointed there was no further response from the sender even on the following day, he drove to work as usual. Before long, he noticed a DeLorean DMC-12 like the one featured in time traveling movie hit Back to the Future cruising ahead of him, sporting a license plate with the words “80s”.

▼ 2080s? Great Scott! So that time traveler had been watching him all along!

Japanese netizens were thrilled about the entire episode:

“That’s iMessage, so that’s gotta be an Apple product. Might be an iPhone 50. I wonder what it looks like? Does it even have a shape?”
“This is so intriguing.”
“That’s John Titor (a man who claimed to be a time traveler in early 2000s).”
“Wow! The sender must have been elated. What’s more, the recipient is a NASA engineer! The sender could be someone in NASA too.”

Perhaps the sender was indeed someone from the far future, traveling through a mysterious time tunnel like the one in China to deliver an urgent message to the NASA engineer. Or maybe it was all a harmless joke. But whatever it was, it sure brightened up everyone’s day.

Source: Twitter/notactor via Hamsoku
Featured image: Twitter/notactor
Insert image: Pakutaso