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You no longer have to bake a file in a cake to get something to your buddy in prison; it seems Amazon Japan will do the delivering for you. Sharp-eyed netizens noticed a peculiar addition to the Help Page on the popular home shopping site titled “About shipping to prisons” and it has us all wondering what events transpired to warrant the new information.

Amazon Japan starts off by informing us that if you choose to ship something to a prison in Japan, the recipient’s address, Amazon Japan’s company name, and the sender’s address will be printed on the shipping label. So don’t go ordering “a pie to the face” in a box, and think you can get it anonymously delivered to your enemy while he rots in his cell. He’s already in prison while you’re roaming free buying junk online, so cut him some slack already.

▼ But feel free to send him a single persimmon. He can use all that extra packaging as a pillow or something.

amazon-packaging-realitySource: howl0904

Next, Amazon Japan tell us that we can’t add any message or special labels on the box. So keep your death threats or escape route plans to yourself, Amazon doesn’t want them anywhere near their boxes when they deliver to the prison.

▼ Aww, it’s okay, buddy. You’ll just have to think of another way to send your birthday greeting/life-sized statue of a giraffe combo package.

Young_man_experiencing_immense_sadnessSource: Wikipedia (Ananian)

Lastly, Amazon Japan doesn’t allow you to anonymously gift something to an inmate, for obvious reasons. However, in the event that you do want to send a gift to that special someone in cell block number nine, the billing address of the sender will be printed on the invoice.

Our imaginations are running wild right now trying to figure out why Amazon Japan felt they needed to make this a page in their help section. There must have been a lot of people asking about regulations regarding shipping to prisons. But what exactly did they want to ship and why? The truth…is probably mundane, but we like to think that there are more than a few people in Japan who have tried to send an inmate seemingly innocent items available on that come together to create a small explosive or hang glider for a death defying escape from the clink…And now we have the plot to our first RocketNews24 feature film starring Mr. Sato!

Source: niconico news