Entry-Level Ninja Needed to Teach Kids in Japan

Have you spent years mastering the arts of ninjutsu and poring over ancient scrolls, learning secret techniques and studying under august masters, and practicing stealth tactics over and over and over again…. only to find out, to your horror and despair, that there just aren’t any jobs out there for a ninja? Well, don’t worry! The Japanese government has a job for you.

You could teach elementary school kids!

HelloWork, the Japanese government employment service, has a job posting up for an entry-level ninja to teach elementary school kids at Shin-Nihon Kyouiku (New Japan Education). Based in the Nagoya area, this organization offers cultural courses that are a little off the beaten path of daily education, such as calligraphy and foreign languages like Chinese, Korean and Spanish. As a ninja instructor, your job is to impart the ways ofninjutsu and to decode the secret documents of ninjutsu. If you’re nervous about assuming the role of master so soon after finishing your own studies, don’t worry — this is strictly an entry-level job. Inexperienced ninja are welcome, work training, black clothes, and secret documents will be provided, and martial arts and acrobatics are not necessary for the job. It’s also a part-time job, with the only required work time being at least an hour a day and at least a day a week.

The job offer lasts until April 30. The school is open from 10 AM to 8 PM and has ten employees, all but one female. Shin-Nihon Kyouiku also offers reimbursement for travel expenses and paid vacation depending on how many days you work.

For more information, check out the job posting here.

Entry-Level Ninja Needed to Teach Kids in Japan

A condensed version of the job posting from Shin-Nihon Kyouiku’s website.[Via Otaku.com and Shin-Nihon Kyouiku; Images from Tanaka Ninja Gakuin and Iyo Kokorozashi Daigaku]

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