Beloved anime character Totoro is celebrating his 30th birthday this year and is getting an exciting line of new merchandise that Ghibli fans won’t want to miss!

Who doesn’t love Totoro, that huge, furry and immensely huggable creation, right? Well, if you can’t get enough of Ghibli’s magical character, we have good news for you! A range of new My Neighbor Totoro products will be released later this month from Ghibli merchandise chain Donguri Kyowakoku to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the film’s release. And as always, the lineup looks sure to tantalize Ghibli fans.

Let’s see what delightful items they have in store for us! First, here are the two commemorative products that they’ve exclusively released for the 30th anniversary.

●30th Anniversary Large Totoro Stuffed Doll (8,200 yen [US$75])

This 32-centimeter (12.5-inch) tall stuffed Totoro is individually hand-made in Japan and comes in a special box marked with a gold 30th anniversary logo.

● Cel Art Print From Studio Ghibli “My Neighbor Totoro” (70,000 yen)

This beautiful cel art print (which we’ve been wanting since last month), measuring 55.5 centimeters wide by 39 centimeters high is a limited edition piece that comes with an original wooden frame, a unique print edition number, and official certification.

There are also the following new Totoro products that will be released this month along with the commemorative items.

My Neighbor Totoro 1/18 Stop Motion Figure Collection Dondoko Dance (1,650 yen each)

These 6.6-centimeter tall figures recreate the movement of Totoro’s “Dondoko” (drum beat) dance in stop motion, and there are 18 different figures to complete the entire movement. Each figure has a different pose and expression to let you enjoy a small bit of animation in real-life 3D.

▼ And if you buy all 18 of the Dondoko Dance figures, you’ll get a bonus 19th figure as a special gift!

But we’re not finished yet. They have another set of figures that looks just as adorable!

My Neighbor Totoro 1/10 Stop Motion Figure Collection Tokotoko Mini Totoro (1,400 yen each)

These 5.3-centimeter tall figures show the white Mini Totoro in stop motion (the “tokotoko” referring to a walking sound), with 10 figures in the entire collection. If you look closely, you’ll see that Mini Totoro turns slightly translucent at the end!

And if you’re fond of Mini Totoro, you”ll love this item:

My Neighbor Totoro: “We’ve Found Mini Totoro!” Figure (4,800 yen)

This figure stands 21 centimeters tall, and with the attention to detail from the texture of the fur to the legs in motion, it’s as close to owning a real Mini Totoro as you can get!

And that’s not all. As an additional bonus, starting July 21, you’ll receive a special 30th anniversary sticker if you purchase 1,000 yen or more at a Donguri Kyowakoku store and an original pouch for purchases of 5,000 yen or more (purchases to include at least one Totoro item).

▼ Here’s the ad for the sticker and pouch giveaway campaign. The Japanese “Shingen-style” pouch with the Totoro faces looks lovely!

The Totoro items shown here will be available in late July at Donguri Kyowakoku shops across Japan and also from their online store. They’re also scheduled to have another giveaway campaign in August as well as some more new products for fans to covet, so we’ll certainly be looking forward to that too.

It’s hard to believe Totoro has been around for 30 years now, but then, some kinds of magic never grow old, do they?

Source, images: PR Times
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